Cherry County Election Commissioner Brittny Petersen appeared on the KVSH Comment program Wednesday morning to discuss mail in voting in the county. Citizens have been circulating a non binding petition to return Cherry County to vote in person except for absentee or disabled ballots. According to Miss Peterson, there are very limited venues available in Cherry County that are ADA accessible that would qualify under federal election regulations. There are currently 10 voting precincts in Cherry County, there used to be 20. Since going to all mail in ballots, the county saves $17,000 per year in election costs. Peterson assured KVSH listeners that there are numerous checks and balances and security measure in place to make sure ballots are still secret. She stated that when the petitions are submitted to her office, she will personally verify signatures and consider what they are asking for. She also stated that her office is open if someone would like to call her, or stop in, to visit about election procedures.