The 2022 Cherry County 4-H Special Foods Competition was held July 14 at the Methodist Church in Valentine.  Youth participated in a variety of categories.  Older youth with at least 3 years of experience were required to be in the “advanced” level where they had to use the annual “challenge ingredient”.  The 2022 challenge ingredient was ground beef.  Youth in the “basic” level could choose any ingredients.  After 90 minutes preparing recipes live in front of the judge, the competitors had to plate their foods and present the finished product on a table setting with a complete menu and MyPlate nutrition analysis print-out.  They then interviewed with the judge and were questioned on their nutrition knowledge and the judge sampled each recipe.  Youth could also chose the table setting-only option where they did the steps above, minus cooking the food.  And the day ended on a sweet note with the “cupcake wars” where youth presented their most delectable recipes with a fun theme.  Results are as follows:

Clover Kid Tabletting:

Sophia Harms

Junior Tablesetting:

Blue, Kayleigh Harms

Junior Basic Special Foods:

Champion – Will Cox

Reserve Champion – Elyse Cochran

Senior Basic Special Foods:

Blue, Christen Larson-Malard

Senior Advanced Special Foods:

Champion – Jenalee Garwood

Reserve Champion – Kate Cox

Purple, Jocelyn Jordan

Clover Kids Cupcake Wars

Sophia Harms, Cam Brashears

Junior Cupcake Wars

Champion – Brooke Brashears

Reserve Champion – Elyse Cochran

Purple, Will Cox

Blue, Tyson Cochran, Kayleigh Harms

Senior Cupcake Wars

Champion – Jenalee Garwood

Blue, Christen Larson-Malard