The 24th annual CanAm Bowl has finally made its way onto U.S. soil, being played in Lambert for the first time on July 4, 2022.

The CanAm Bowl began in 1997 with an all-star American team traveling to Porcupine Plane, Saskatchewan, to play the Canadian all-star team. During this inaugural game, the American team took the victory 40-22.

The Bowl consists of Canadian athletes, chosen this year during the Saskatchewan vs. Alberta all-star process and American athletes from Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana and Texas. These athletes must be a high school graduate of the current year and have been a part of a six man football program.

Jim Miller, coordinator of the all-star game said, “We spend countless hours on game film watching these athletes to select for the team.” Miller also said that roughly three to four athletes are chosen from each state to wear the American uniform and coaches from the other states help determine the roster also.

Local athletes include Gage Davis and Peyton Sterkle of Cody, NE. 

“We needed a place to hold it and the last time we traveled to Canada for the game, we told them we figured it needed to come to the States,” said Miller.

Having the game for 23 years, team Canada was slightly hesitant, but gave America the game.

In order to host the game, funds needed to be raised. “We went around and talked to a lot of the local businesses who were very generous with helping us put this on,” he said.

The CanAm Bowl hasn’t occurred in two years due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the game wasn’t even decided until around the first of April. “It’s going to be a good thing. There’s a lot of people coming from different states in the U.S., plus those coming from Canada. I hope it’s a great turnout here in Lambert,” said Miller.

Currently, team USA leads Canada 18-5.

Coaching the American team is Jim Miller (Lambert, Mont.), Brock Miller (Lambert, Mont.), Seth Bennett (Meeteetse, Wyo.) and Thomas Tritz (Oakwood, Tx.). Coaching Team Canada is Coach Dickson (Wakaw, Sask.), Coach Harder (Clavet, Sask.), Coach Bramfield (Rimbey, Alb.), Coach Haryett (Wakaw, Sask.) and Coach Snider (Kerrobert, Sask.). The game will be held on Monday, July 4 at the football field in Lambert, Mont.