First ever NC RC&D Lick Tub Challenge took place during the 2022 Ranch Expo in Bassett. The time has come to upcycle these lick tubs that have been hanging around after livestock are done with them. And everyone saw some fun upcycling. There were 14 entries in this first challenge.
And it ended with a pig taking home the bacon.
Haylee Hanson of Valentine entered her pig and won People’s Choice- the ribbon and $125 sponsored by Suther Feeds, Scott Ruzicka of Verdigre. “The really fun part of the People’s Choice was to see every single entry get votes for this esteemed award,” commented RC&D Director Kim Burge.
Winning the Adult Commercial Potential first place ribbon and $100 was Delores Ruzicka. Delores entered a set of 2 end tables perfect for any deck or back yard.
First place, for the Adult Home Use project went to Shane Keller. Shane used his upcycled tubs to safely hold net wrap when pulling the wrap off bales. Shane appreciates not having the net wrap blowing around, catching in the wheels of his tractor or the fence.
First place for both the 16 and under Commercial Potential and 16 and under Home Use went to John Connell of Long Pine (pictured). After consulting with his Grandpa, Karl, John came up with both the handy Vet Table that really makes things easier when the vet has to make a ranch call and the Wooden Planter. “Angling the wood added to the planter’s appeal,” Commented one of the judges.
Each of these winners received $100 in prize money donated by Rio Nutrition, Shane and Karen Keller of Valentine and First Star Recycling in Omaha. Vitalix Feed, that is Travis Schauda from Broken Bow Sponsored 2 first place awards.

A favorite for many- Scott Ruzicka entered his black angus cow where many loved her hippo like qualities. No prize, Scott, come back next year. Matter of fact, President of the RC&D, Mike Burge challenges everyone to think of a way you can UPCYCLE lick tubs and enter your inspiration next year at the RC&D Lick Tub Challenge during the Bassett Ranch Expo.
List of Entries
Chairs with adjustable height table/foot stools: Lisa White, Bassett
Popcorn Bowl: Shane Keller, Valentine
Craft Keeper: Shauna Boettcher, O’Neill
End Tables: Delores Ruzicka, Verdigre
Net Wrap Disposal: Shane Keller, Valentine
Vet Table: John Connell, Long Pine
Wooden Planter: John Connell, Long Pine
Dog Bed: Shelby Connell, Long Pine
Pig: Haylee Hanson, Valentine
Cow: Scot Ruzicka, Verdigre
Seating/Storage: Ashley Pischel, O’Neill
Duck/Goose Hut: Tom Vonheeder, Valentine
Municipal Curbside Recycling Tote: James Young, O’Neill
Salt & mineral tub: Shane Keller, Valentine