For over 25 years, Virginia Nelsen has joined KVSH Radio on Flag Day to give away hundreds of flags over the years, funded by Ginny and her husband, Don. Little Miss Poppy Darby Murphy was on hand this year to help hand out the flags to the winners, which are available at the studios of KVSH.

The Grand Prize winner was Becky Poland, who graced the airwaves with her rendition of “You’re a Grand Old Flag”.

Other flag winners included (pardon any spelling errors): Olivia Beel, Kalie Hanson, Tracy Grooms, Bonnie Price, Cal Gallino, Steven Fullerton, Jean Schemm, Delores Colburn, Boe Tetherow, Joyce Ohlmann, Lori Schneider, Dan Wackler, Cassie Hansen, Bessie Gallino, Bud Reece, Jenna Hanson, Jean Tetherow, Tom VonHeeder, Kendra Hanson, and Virginia Witte.

Congratulations and thank you for participating in this annual event!