After 30 plus years as principal owner and over 50 years of broadcasting on Radio KVSH in Valentine, Dave Dent has decided to retire and turn off his microphone. Dave came to Valentine as an announcer in 1969 and became primary owner in 1991. Dave and his wife Debbie have held the license for KVSH since that time. Over the years Dave has served in a variety of positions including; announcer, news director, salesman, sportscaster, manager, floor sweeper and owner.

On June 6th Mike and Kim Burge will purchase Dave and Debbie’s shares and become sole owners of Heart City Radio LLC. They have been minority owners since 2000.

Mike has over 40 years of experience at KVSH Radio having started as a part time announcer in 1977 while working with Larry Russell, Wally Bazyn, Rosella Nieuwenhuis and of course Dave. After college in Kearney and a few years in the SD radio market, Mike and Kim returned to Valentine in April of 1982 as Mike would serve KVSH as news director, chief engineer and announcer at KVSH. Kim also has a broadcasting degree from Brown Institute and has been involved in radio in various aspects through the years. KVSH was her first radio job out of college and where she first met Mike.

KVSH is very proud of the “Live and Local” approach to radio and plans more local involvement, continuing with Badger, Cowboy and Husker sports, better news coverage , weather and entertainment. No major format
changes are planned although you will see some changes.

Mike stated that “Kim and I are excited and very much looking forward to serving the Valentine and surrounding area by being even more involved with the community and local events”. He went on to say “I would like to thank Dave for his over 50 years of service to the Valentine area and I wish him many more days of fishing, golfing and chasing grandchildren”

The Burges’ have a deep-rooted belief that Radio Stations are supposed to serve their communities by being involved in solutions, not just point out the problems. At a time when large media conglomerates own hundreds of cookie cutter radio stations, we will strive to keep it “Live and Local”. “We’re not going to do anything new,” he said. “We’re just going to do what a lot of radio stations quit doing along the way.”