KVSH Radio has made arrangements to host a Cherry County Commissioners Candidate forum on April 12th at the Niobrara Lodge meeting room. All Five candidates have agreed to participate at this time in the 6pm CT event.
Incumbents James Ward and Tanya Storer, Challengers Nina Nelson, Shane Daniels and Mike McConaughey will all be on the Republican ticket this May 10th in the primary election.

KVSH Radio will offer several prepared questions for the event which will also be aired live on KVSH and KVSH.com. The audience will have the opportunity to write down questions at the April 12th forum and as time allows, candidates will have the opportunity to respond to some of those questions.

Topics to be covered will include property taxes, private property rights, threats to rural counties and more. The pubic is invited to attend in person or listen to the broadcast on KVSH Radio and at kvsh.com.