The North Central RC&D Council met January 12th in Bassett.

Highlights of the meeting include receiving notice of the Household Hazardous Waste Grant being awarded through NDEE. This will include household hazardous waste collections in the communities of Spencer, O’Neill and Stuart this fall. Watch for more details as they develop.

There was an end of project summary for the paper shredding events. 25,590 pounds of documents were shredded and sent to be recycled into paper products thanks to Security Shredding Services in Laurel NE plus all the cooperating collection sites along Highways 12 and 20. The members look forward to bringing this event back again this fall.

The RC&D will offer electronics collections again this year. The collections this year will not include CRT equipment- no tube tv’s or computers. During 2021 successful electronic collections were held in numerous cities. There was also the tire recycling event in Cherry County with almost 300 tons of scrap tires collected and sent for recycling. 

The Lick Tub Challenge will culminate at the Ranch Expo in June this year. Everyone is encouraged to think outside the box for repurposing used lick tubs. The Council encourages you to have fun with the contest, submitting commercial or personal use models of your ideas. For more information, contact Kim @ 402-376-5842 or

The next RC&D Council meeting will be February 9, 2022 at 1:40 in the Bassett City Meeting Room.