The Valentine High School One Act Play production under the direction of Ronelle Kilmer won their district competition on Saturday at Gothenberg and will now compete at State this Friday in Norfolk at the Johnny Carson Theater.

“A Voice in the Dark: A Salem Story”
Written by: Elizabeth Downing
Director: Ronelle Kilmer
Assistant Director(s): Melissa PilakowskiAbigail Hobbs: Renee Fisbeck
Sarah Nurse: Grace Maunu
Rebecca Nurse: Lindsey Boes
Francis Nurse: Hayden Larabee
Mary Warren: Emma Richards
Sarah Good: Madelyn Pilakowski
Deliverance Hobbs: Taylor Battershaw
Thomas Putnam: James Woodraska
Reverend Parris: Haydon Mudge
Judge Hathorne: Benjamin Butcher
Witch: Brooke Henkenius
Witch: Mariah Welliver
Witch: Caitlynn Mack
Witch : Finley Mosner
Witch: Marybelle Ward
Police Force/Townsperson: Titus Maunu
Police Force/Townsperson: Ian Slama
Townsperson: Makenzie Ward
Townsperson: Markea Osborne
Townsperson: Isabella Ringhoff
Townsperson: Sarah Butler
Townsperson: Catherine Salters
Townsperson: Neeley Cronin
Townsperson: Savannah Fullerton
Townsperson: Jenalee Garwood
Townsperson: Doc Lancaster
Townsperson: Preston Stoeger
Technical Crew: Saylor Biltoft, Claudia Conroy, Kaylee Hanson, Austyn Kieborz, Chris Palmer, Mason Redding, Johnathan Shutts, Grant Springer, Sean Springer, Isaac Watson