A couple of double digit favorites bit the dust on their home field, which made everyone start with two losses this week in the KVSH College Football Prediction Contest. And those two losses were all that our winners missed. 

First place went to Cheryl Bennett and second place to Katelynn Jackson.

Winners on the card were: Illinois, Notre Dame, Iowa State, Ohio State, Oregon, Alabama, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Minnesota, West Virginia and New Mexico.

It was a tough week last week as well, with winners missing three games and Nebraska’s 377 total yards of offence being the tie-breaker.

Last week’s winners were Taylor Cruze of Lincoln and John Sazama of Mission.

Winners on the card last week were: Michigan State, Purdue, Oklahoma State, UCLA, North Carolina, LSU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Auburn, Colorado, Iowa State and Minnesota.