What to expect Monday – Oct 4th

-Remaining post mounted Temporary Traffic Control to be installed.

-Closing of Cherry Street at HWY 20 & HWY 83 by placement of barrels, barricades & concrete barrier system.

-Closing of Cherry Street at B Street & 3rd Street with Barricades.

-Access to home owners / businesses will be thru staggered barricades with signage CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC.

Remaining week – Oct 4th – Oct 9th.

-Concrete removal

-relocate fire hydrants

-work to begin on relocation of sign.

-begin storm sewer work.

Maintain Contractor parking to reduce impact of available parking.

What this Traffic Control will do.

HWY 20 & Cherry Street

-Reduce west bound traffic to one lane for 1000’. Westbound Right lane must turn right at Main Street.

-Local traffic should have access to Scotty’s Ranchland & O’Rielly Auto Parts thru Barricades.

-Local residents will have access thru Barricades.

HWY 83 & Cherry Street

-Shift HWY 83 traffic to shoulder for 500’, maintain (2) way traffic at 12’ width.

-Access to the justice center will be thru staggered barricades.

-Parking if front of Valentine Dental will be limited but access for pedestrian traffic will remain in place.

-Local residents will have access thru Barricades