The Nebraska State Fair kicked off August 27 in Grand Island, NE and most 4-H competitions were held this past weekend. Audrey Brawner competed in the Swine Show and received a blue on her market gilt and a blue in senior swine showmanship. Greyson Swan received a blue in junior beef showmanship and a purple on his Hereford Market Steer, which put him in the Championship Drive. He also received the 4-H Member of Excellence Distinction in Beef. Kate Cox received a purple in modeling and purple in construction for her STEAM 2 two-piece outfit at the Fashion Show and Cadence Swanson received purples as well for her Shopping in Style Fashion Show Entry. Jenalee Garwood received a purple and Top Presentation Award in the Illustrated Presentations Class. Her Rex rabbit received the Best of Breed award and she received a blue in rabbit showmanship. Jenalee was also chosen to be a flag bearer at the Opening Ceremonies for the Fair where Governor Ricketts and the Fair Board kicked off the weekend.
Results for the over 50 static exhibits from Cherry County:

Communications & Expressive Arts

Christen Larson

Next Level Photography Expression Through Color Display or Print – Blue

Next Level Photography Abstract Photography Display or Print – Blue

Annalena Nelson

Next Level Photography Candid Photography Display or Print – Purple

Next Level Photography Level 2 Portfolio – Blue

Ariana Blume

Next Level Photography Creative Techniques & Lighting Display or Print – Blue


Rhett Ward

Alternative/Renewable Energies Experiment Notebook – Red

Alternative/Renewable Energies Wind as Energy Display – Purple

Computers 3D Printing Unique Object – Blue

Electricity Lighting Comparison Display – Blue

Electricity Electronic Project – Blue


Christen Larson

Horticulture Snap Beans – Blue

Floriculture Other Perennial – Red

Jenalee Garwood

Horticulture Sweet (non-bell) Peppers – Blue

Rylee Ward

Floriculture Desert Garden – Purple

Healthy Lifestyles

Mady Bopp

Cooking 201 Loaf Quick Bread – Blue

Food Preservation 1 Jar Tomato Exhibit – Purple

Food Preservation 1 Jar Jelled Exhibit – Purple

Christen Larson

Food Preservation Jar Vegetable of Meat Exhibit (green beans) – Purple

Cadence Swanson

Cooking 201 Creative Mixes – Purple

Jenalee Garwood

Cooking 201 Healthy Baked Product – Blue

Wesley Willert

Cooking 301 Specialty Bread – Purple

Fire Safety Fire Prevention Poster – Blue

Cecilia Benscoter

Cooking 401 Foam Cake – Purple

Citizenship & Civic Education

Mady Bopp

Citizenship Public Adventure Poster – Blue

Heritage Level II Poster – Blue

Cadence Swanson

Heritage Level II Family Genealogy – Blue

Consumer & Family Science

Home Environment

Wesley Willert

Design Decisions Accessory 2D – Purple

Design Decisions Accessory for the Home Recycled or Upcycled Item – Purple

Christen Larson

Design Decisions Accessory 3D – Blue

Cadence Swanson

Design Decisions Accessory Original Floral Design – Purple

Parker Wackler

Design Decisions Accessory Original Made From Wood – Blue

Mady Bopp

Design Decisions Accessory Outdoor Living – Blue

Ariana Blume

Portfolio Pathways Original Acrylic Painting – Red

Sketchbook Crossroads Original Pencil or Chalk Drawing – Purple

Rylee Ward

Sketchbook Crossroads Original Ink Drawing – Purple

Sketchbook Crossroads Original Watercolor – Blue

Human Development

Mady Bopp

Human Development Activity with a Younger Child – Purple

Clothing Construction

Brooke Brashears

Quilt Quest Service Project Quilt – Purple

Elyse Cochran

Beyond the Needle Embellished Garment w/ Original Design – Purple

Shyanne Dawson

STEAM 2 Dress – Purple

Christen Larson

Quilt Quest Service Project Quilt – Blue

Shopping in Style Mix Match & Multiply – Blue

Shopping in Style Best Buy for Your Buck (ages 10-13) – Blue

Rylee Wackler

Quilt Quest Service Project Quilt – Red

Wesley Willert

Quilt Quest Service Project Quilt – Red

Kate Cox

STEAM 2 Two-Piece Outfit – Blue

STEAM 2 Altered Pattern – Purple

STEAM 2 Bottoms – Purple

Quilt Quest Service Project Quilt – Purple and Special Recognition for Class 42 Winner

Cadence Swanson

Quilt Quest Barn Quilt – Red

Quilt Quest Service Project Quilt – Red

Shopping in Style Best Buy for Your Buck (ages 14 and up) – Blue