The Cherry County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, June 29th at the Cherry County Courthouse in Valentine. A couple of board appointments were made including William Marshall to the Veterans Servie Committee and Roger Dunn and Andrew Ward to the Cherry County Hospital Board of Trustees. Ward had previously been appointed to fill a vacant term on the board.

 The hospital budget was approved after a meeting with CEO Kyle Kellum and CFO Amanda Davidson.

 After discussion with Cherry County Zoning Administrator Jessica Coyle, the commissioners approved a contract with American Stewards of Liberty for consultation concerning land easements and the Biden administration 30 by 30 land grab proposal.

Gary Weaver was appointed as the full time Cherry County Emergency Manager.  Mr. Weaver has already been serving the county in some form of this capacity for several years.

The commissioners set July 29th at 10 for a special meeting to convene as a board of equalization to hear property tax protests.

The board also reviewed some proposed bridge repairs and acted to seek bids on two of the 3 projects discussed.

The next meeting of the Cherry County Commissioners will be on July 13th.