Results of the 10th Annual Andrew Claymon Memorial Fishing tournament held at Merritt Reservoir.

10 and under kid/adult division:

1st place – Rebel and Zach Nadolski

2nd place – Benjamin and Cameron Werner

3rd place – Parker and Eric Wackler

4th place – Cam and Seth Brashears

11 – 17 old kid/adult division:

1st place – Brianna and Matt Sharp

2nd place – Davis Davenport and Rob Lee

3rd place – Clayton and Brayden Sharp

4th place – Cooper and Mike Leibhart

2 kids/1 adult division:

1st place – Jackson Thomas, Harper and Greg Wright

2nd place – Jake, Morgan and Dave Ishii

3rd place – Nash, Haley and Doug Hesse

4th place – Jordee, Haley and Billy Yonker

Heaviest walleye – Rebel and Zach Nadolski

Heaviest northern pike – Clayton and Brayden Sharp

Heaviest largemouth bass – Cooper and Mike Leibhart

Overall heaviest fish – Clayton and Brayden Sharp

The 11th Annual Andrew Claymon Memorial Fishing Tournament will be held on June 11, 2022.