At the annual meeting in May, the following from the Valentine Volunteer Fire Department were elected to office: Chief – Terry Engles, Assistant Chief – Andy Dawson, President – Chad Bladow, Vice President – Tim Witte, Secretary-Treasurer- Guy Tielke, Safety Officers – Justin Dredge and Jeff Sayer, Captains – Courtney Fowler, Ross Brockley and Chad Gale, Training Officer – Jason Vaisvilas. 

As of May 1, there are 41 members on the department.

During the past fiscal year from May 1, 2020 to April 2021, the VFD responded to 78 alarms, 27 in the city, 37 rural and 4 mutual aid call. This resulted in 2758 hours spent in answering alarms with an average of 20 men per call. This year a total of 4780 hours were spent in service to the community on fires, drills, meetings, schooling and other special duties.