On a 3 to 0 vote, the Cherry County Commissioners voted to approve a conditional use permit for Danielksi Farms/Valentine Feeders swine facility Southwest of Crookston.  The commissioners moved their regular meeting to the courtroom to accommodate the 43 people who attended.  Chairwoman Tanya Storer stated that there would be no public input at this meeting only dialogue between the applicant and the commissioners.  The board did ask several questions about well monitoring, abandonment plans, soil sampling and construction materials. After about a half hour of discussion, Storer made the motion to approve the permit pointing out the Cherry County is an agricultural county and its “our job to protect that” .  She also stated the permit met all the regulations of Cherry County Planning and Zoning. Commissioners Ward and DeNaeyer also stated that the majority of citizens, who contacted them about the permit, were encouraging them to approve it, but their decision was based on the completed permit application and the fact that it meets zoning regulations. With a couple of additional requirements about site visits by the zoning administrator and a satisfactory road agreement, the application was approved.