The public is invited to attend an informational meeting on March 9th, 6:00 pm at the Valentine High School auditorium.  Margaret Byfield with American Stewards of Liberty will be discussing an executive order on climate change, recently signed by President Biden and more specifically how the 30 x 30 program embedded within that EO could impact private land owners, state and local governments and federal land use decisions.  In short, the 30 x 30 program is an aggressive push to set aside 30% of the land and water in the United States under permanent protection by 2030.  It cancels the state and local government’s voice out of decision making and ignores existing federal laws that would otherwise provide a meaningful process for land acquisition /protection decisions that may cause devastating and irreversible harm to local communities.  Nebraska is 97% privately owned therefore the 30 x 30 program will likely effect private land owners the most.  That meeting again will be March 9th at 6pm at Valentine High School.