The Cherry County Commissioners met for a regular meeting on Tuesday at the courthouse in Valentine. The board adopted a resolution for an interlocal agreement for Region 4 Behavioral Health Services and signed a letter of opposition to LB102 supporting Cherry County Clerk of District Court.  LB102 would shift responsibility of district crout from counties to the state level.

In other business, the board moved the time of a scheduled agenda item for a conditional use permit for Danielksi Farms from 11am to 1:30pm on March 9th. This was changed due to a courtroom scheduling conflict.

 The County continues to shift toward leaving the Region 24 Emergency Management agreement by adopting a resolution at Tuesday’s meeting.  At a previous meeting, the board voted to officially leave the group and handle emergency preparedness with their own staff.

There was no opposition at the One and Six Year highway improvement hearing held at 1:30 Tuesday.

The next meeting of the Cherry County Commissioners will be on March 9th.