The 2021 Cork Thornton Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament was no stranger to obstacles this year, as the date was originally pushed back from January to accommodate for warm weather and lack of ice. Bitterly cold temps helped shape things up right before the tournament, and the weather started to improve to help make the tournament more enjoyable this past Saturday, February 20th. 50 teams competed in this year’s tournament. Locals also walked away with the big cash prize as Zach Nadolski and Jim Hesse were crowned champions with 23.48 pounds of fish. Last year’s winners, Dan and Kent Priel of North Platte, placed 2nd with 19.58. 3rd place went to Aaron Hoffman and Paul Kautz with 19.03. Also placing in the top ten were: 4. Nathan Lindstedt and Tyler Britt, 17.89, 5. Nick Larsen and Jay Elliott, 16.96, 6.Steve Kerr and Scott Grooms, 16.42, 7. Ted and Brandon Lindstedt, 16.41, 8. Rusty Hagedorn and Scott Ladley, 15.84, 9. JinLee and John Sayaloune, 15.42, 10. Dan Beberniss and Jake Thornton, 14.76.

Big Fish Competition:
Perch – Aaron Hoffman, 1.00
Bluegill – Chris Elliott, .50
Crappie – Steve Kerr, 1.42
Bass – Aiden Thornton, 3.35
Catfish – John Nadolski, 12.38
Rock Bass – Chris Elliott, .76
Walleye – Lisa Mitchell – 3.17
Randy Mercure received most devoted fisherman.

Organizers Jeff Ohlmann and Dean Jacobs would like to thank everyone who came out and fished and all of the volunteers who help put this tournament together. They welcome any feedback to help keep this tournament successful in the coming years. Be sure to follow their Facebook page for updates: