North Central District Health Department (NCDHD) has been made aware of 20 new COVID-19 cases in the district since last reporting period on 2/5/2021; 1-Antelope, 0-Boyd, 2- Brown, 2-Cherry, 4-Holt, 1-Keya Paha, 6-Knox, 3-Pierce, 1-Rock.

NCDHD’s TestNe COVID-19 testing times and locations starting the week of 2/8/2021 have changed. For a smooth flow of clinic traffic for those attending clinics in O’Neill attendees should enter the clinic through the alley South of the Armory.

· O’Neill: Monday and Wednesday from 8:30-10:30am at the O’Neill Armory. Please enter the clinic through the alley South of the Armory.

· Bassett: Mondays 1:00-3:00pm at the Rock County Fairgrounds

· Pre-registration for testing at is highly encouraged, but not required.

· The last patient will be scheduled 15 minutes before the scheduled end of the clinic.

Testing in Valentine continues on Tuesdays from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at the United Methodist Church North Parking lot. 

North Central District Health Department (NCDHD) would like to apprise the district of the Nebraska COVID-19 vaccine registry, located at To provide guidance and clarity, below are directions on who should register on the Nebraska COVID-19 Registry:

· For those 65+ who already registered with NCDHD, do not sign up with the State. NCDHD will continue to schedule your vaccine. If you are 65+ and did not sign up with NCDHD, please sign up on the new Nebraska registry, located at· If you registered on the NCDHD vaccine list but are not over the age of 65, you will need to register on the new Nebraska registry, located at

· If you are interested in the COVID-19 vaccine, all ages and all professions are welcome to sign up on the new Nebraska registration. The governor’s tiered phasing guidance will still be utilized to determine who is vaccinated first.

The speed of vaccine disbursement depends on vaccine availability. Below is a tentative timeline for district COVID-19 vaccinations:

· Mid-January to Mid-May: Phase 1B- Vaccine will be allocated to those 75 years and older, 65 years and older, those with pre-existing conditions, first responders, those in the education sector, and those working in grocery stores, food processing facilities, utilities, transportation, and postal service.

· Mid-April to May: Phase 1C- Vaccines will be allocated to those in congregate settings.

· May to October: Phase 2 – Vaccine will be made available to the public.

· There are a couple NCDHD survey sign-ups located on at that NCDHD will continue to utilize. If an individual was in Phase1A and did not receive the vaccine but is now interested, please complete the Phase1A survey. If an individual is unable to make the second dose appointment, which is located on the back of the vaccine card, please complete the unable to make second dose survey and we will work to find you a different appointment.

For assistance completing the survey, please call the following agencies in your area: Elgin Public Library, Elgin Senior Center, Neligh Public Library, Neligh Senior Center, Ainsworth Public Library, Ainsworth Senior Center, Boyd County Senior Center, Valentine Public Library, Valentine Senior Center, Stuart Township Library, Atkinson Public Library, Atkinson Senior Center, O’Neill Chamber of Commerce, Bloomfield Public Library, Creighton Public Library, Eastern Township Library, Lied Lincoln Township Library, Verdigre Public Library, Crofton Senior Center, Osmond General Hospital, Osmond Library, Plainview Library, Plainview Senior Center, Pierce Public Library, Pierce Senior Center, Rock County Public Library, and Rock County Senior Center.

Case count update as of 02/08/2021 at 4:00 PM: 4,183 Total Cases (TC), 2,533 Recoveries (R), 69 Deaths (D), and 70 total cases reported in the last 14 days. A reminder that Total Case (TC) numbers are represented first, and of those total cases the number of Recovered (R) persons is represented second, and total case related Deaths (D) is represented third.

Antelope: TC: 540, R: 314, D:7 

Boyd: TC: 184, R:114, D:3 

Brown: TC 272, R: 183, D:4 

Cherry: TC: 404, R: 261, D:7 

Holt: TC: 817, R: 531, D: 14

Keya Paha: TC: 44, R: 16, D: 0

Knox: TC: 1,085, R: 587, D: 11

Pierce: TC: 688, R: 441, D: 21

Rock: TC: 149, R: 99, D:2