The Sparks Spurs Chapter of Cowboy Fast Draw Association will host the annual Heart City Jackpot this weekend at the Cherry County Fairgrounds in Valentine.

Action will begin at 9am Saturday and Sunday mornings and the public is invited to stop by to observe the contest. Each year about 30 to 40 competitors from Nebraska, South Dakota and the Kansas area gather for a friendly gunfight in Valentine. Competitors use real 45 caliber pistols, shooting wax bullets at targets 21 feet away.  The fastest times will win in the 3 out of 5 shot event. One of the interesting parts of the event, is the old west clothing worn by many competitors during the contest.

 Concessions will be available on the grounds.  

Anyone interested in learning more about cowboy fast draw can come watch this weekend or contact Mike Burge, Rich Mercure or Dean Storms.