2021 Cherry County Written Spelling Bee

Top Three Placings & Top 15 Qualifiers for the Oral Spelling Bee

The Oral Spelling Bee will take place on Thursday, February 18, at 1:00 pm at the Valentine High School Auditorium.

First Place – Kylee Hoefs, Valentine Middle

Second Place – Doc Lancaster, Valentine Middle

Third Place – Duncan Mosner, Valentine Middle

Top 15 Spellers – First through Fifteenth

Kylee Hoefs 7th VMS

Doc Lancaster 8th VMS

Duncan Mosner 6th VMS

Robison LaDeaux 6th VMS

Tanner Two Strike 6th VMS

Clarrah Beebout 5th VMS

Grace Murphy 7th VMS

Colton Pilakowski 7th VMS

Samantha Jones 8th Cody/Kilgore

Justin Wyckoff 8th Cody/Kilgore

Kate Johnson 7th VMS

Evie Rolfe 7th VMS

Aubrey Benson 7th VMS

Rylie Sexson 8th Cody/Kilgore

Jasper Roseberry 8th Cody/Kilgore