The Cherry County Commissioners made several board appointments at their regular meeting on Tuesday. Reappointed to the planning and zoning board were Michael McCleod and Gary Swanson. Shari Bacon was appointed to fill the vacancy on the planning and zoning board. Will Fischer, Gary Swanson, Kerry Keys, RJ Luthy and Rob Lee were reappointed to the board of adjustment with Shane Daniels the alternate.

Jay Danielski was reappointed to represent district 5 on the extension board and Angie Lincoln will represent district 2. Michele McNare will be the 4-H council representative.

The commissioners voted to withdraw from the Region 24 emergency management group. It was felt the benefits of belonging to the group no longer justified the financial cost. Many of the benefits can be handled by local staff and resources. Brown County Commissioners took similar action at their recent meeting. The Cherry County Attorney will draft a resolution reflecting the change to be reviewed at the next meeting on February 8th. The action would take effect this summer.

The commissioners are also in process of appealing a FEMA ruling that denied reimbursements for some road improvements in Cherry County caused by flooding.