According to the unapproved minutes from the October 6th Cherry County Planning and Zoning Commission minutes, the board approved a CUP for Mercure Cattle Company for an expanded private landing on the Niobrara River to help relieve congestion.

The board also discussed the permit for Danielski farms/Valentine Feeders for hog confinement facility Southwest of Crookston. They set a public hearing date for November 12th at 4:45 at the Cherry County Fairgrounds to allow space for social distancing. During the discussion, Kent Lopez, Cherry county Road Superintendent reported that he believed the roads would be adequate to handle the increased traffic. Also reporting were Mike Murphy and Tim Storm from the Middle Niobrara NRD. They reported that using more organic fertilizer on area farm ground instead of commercial would get the soil back to more natural levels.

The next regular meeting of the Cherry County Planning and zoning board will be on November 12th at 4pm at the fairgrounds.