A note from Donald E Nelsen Chairman Cherry County Veterans Memorial Committee, sent on October 12, 2020:

Just a few notes to let you and the Cherry County area folk know where we stand and how things are progressing on the Korean and Vietnam Memorials.
We are so proud to announce that we have surpassed our goal of $90,000.00 and wish to thank all who have so generously supported us in this project. It is just so great to live in an area that support their veterans.
Currently we do not have updates on where the granite is other than to say, somewhere between India and the USA. We know at some point of time it will arrive. We just have to be patient.
In the coming weeks we will hopefully be able to finalize the plans for Veterans Memorial Park. Mapping out where all the Memorials will be placed. This will be done with the committee members and Hoffman Monument personnel. We will also go over the placement with the Cherry County Commissioners to ensure we are all in agreement.
Covid 19 sure has interrupted our project, but we will overcome that. Just so thankful for all of you who have donated and we will continue on our project until completed.
So proud of our committee members who have been working on this project for over four years: Bill Marshall, John Ravenscroft, Dr. Dick Jeffers, Jim Edwards, Bob Stetter, Sean Hamling and Larry Johnson.