September 13-19, 2020

On 09/15/20 at 10:32 pm, an officer responded to a disturbance in the 800 block of west highway 20.  A 39 year old Valentine woman was arrested.

On 09/16/20 at 7 pm, an officer fielded a report of a stolen bicycle.  Surveillance footage aided in suspect identification.

On 09/17/20 at 9 pm, an officer conducted a traffic stop on west highway 20.  Following an investigation, a 42 year old Crookston woman was arrested on suspicion of operating her vehicle while under the influence.

On 09/19/20 at 8:15 pm, an officer was called to the 200 block of north Hall Street for a disturbance.  A 49 year old South Dakota man was arrested.

Officers responded to 111 calls for service this week.