According to documents filed in Cherry County District Court, Judge Mark Kozicek ruled that Cherry County’s motion to dismiss the county from claims filed by Preserve The Sandhills Corporation should be granted, and the claims of Preserve The Sandhills are dismissed, with prejudice. That will means Preserve The Sandhills will not be allowed to refile complaints. Bluestem Sandhills LLC motion to remove it as a defendant was granted, Cherry County Wind LLC motion to remove it as a defendant was also granted. Judge Kozicek stated that, Preserve The Sandhills  has quote ”failed specifically to allege how it has suffered an injury, but is a group of people who have banded together to oppose wind farms in the Sandhills and specifically Cherry County”.

Motions by Bluestem Sandhills Kilgore and the Cherry County Commissioners to dismiss claims by Charlene Reiser McCormick and 12 newly named plaintiffs were overruled and defendants are granted until September 14th to answer the amended complaint.