The North Central RC&D met June 10th via Zoom conferencing with 7 members attending. Membership Letters were sent out the end of May. It is hoped membership response will increase as members see the value of the work the RC&D is doing for their community members. The Electronics Collections usually held in the Spring were postponed because of Covid-19. The collections may be rescheduled sometime this Fall or Spring 2021. This next collection will include accepting the CRT tvs. More info will be available after the July meeting with partners that make collecting the tube tv possible. The RC&D will submit a grant to hold a tire amnesty event in Cherry County. If they receive funding, the tire amnesty event would take place in 2021. The next RC&D meeting will actually be in person at the Bassett City Meeting Room July 8 @ 1:40 pm. If you have interest in recycling, you are invited to attend. *Questions, contact Kim @ 402.376.5842*