Rosebud Indian Health Service would like to thank everyone who participated in the the COVID-19 testing events June 17th and 23rd. The following are the combined numbers for the two events.

 - Total # tested: 737
 - Total # Positive: 4
 - Total # Negative: 733

Officials learned a lot about how to improve testing efforts and will continue to prioritize all positive results and contact those individuals first (within 72 hours).  Individuals who test negative will be notified, however, the notification process could take several days given the amount of tests performed. 

A huge thank you to all the IHS staff who participated in the planning,implementation and follow up process that helped make this a successful event.
At this time the South Dakota Department of Health has listed 57 positive cases in Todd county with 48 of those recovered.  There has been one death reported due to Covid 19.

If you have any questions regarding your health, feel free to call the provider lines at 605 747-0532 or 747-0533.