North Central District Health Department (NCDHD) received notification of two additional positive cases in the district. The first case is in Cherry County. Through case investigation it was determined that the case contracted the illness during travel outside of the district. The case is currently in quarantine. The second case is in Pierce County. Through case investigations it was determined that the case contracted the illness through community spread that is present in the area and is currently in quarantine.

As the 4th of July holiday approaches, many may be thinking of a nice weekend getaway. Camping and outdoor activities are usually on the priority list during the summer months. NCDHD wants to make sure that you are planning and preparing for your travels with safety and COVID-19 in mind. Stay aware of case trends in areas you may be traveling, as well as practicing good hand hygiene and wearing a mask when social distancing can be difficult. Visit our Facebook page and website for information on how to travel smart this summer.

Case count update as of 6/29/2020 at 3:00 PM: 47 Total Cases (TC), 31 Recoveries (R), and 1 Death (D).  Reminder that Total Case (TC) numbers are represented first, and of those total cases the number of Recovered (R) persons is represented second, and total case related Deaths (D) is represented third.

Antelope: TC: 9 R: 8, D: 1               

Boyd: TC: 1, R: 1                                

Brown: TC: 0                                      

Cherry: TC: 2 R: 1                              

Holt: TC: 3 R: 2

Keya Paha: TC:  0

Knox: TC: 23 R: 13

Pierce: TC: 8 R: 6

Rock: TC: 1, R: 0