The following awards for sports activities will be given out to the students in a packet at the end of this school year since we were unable to have a sports banquet due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Student Managers Haylee Richards and KayLynn Miller will receive a varsity letter for Volleyball this year and Student Managers Ramsey Ravenscroft and Haylee Richards will both receive varsity letters for Girls Basketball this year.

Those lettering in boys basketball were as follows: Jon Keller, Grant Fischer, Geoff Fisbeck, Logan Cate, Jacob Dorian, Dillion Muirhead, Brysen Limbach, Hank Lancaster, Tim Egelhoff, Kenny Shelbourn, Hayes Hammond, and Student Managers: Faith Cox and Macy Homan.

The following received letters for football:
Jayce Anderson
Gunnar Battershaw
Clay Billings
Benjamin Butcher
Goeff Fisbeck
Grant Fischer
Conner Fowler
Steven Fullerton
Dylan Haase
Logan Harp
Taco Jackson
Cameron Jordan
Jon Keller
Bryan Keller
Connor Kreutner
Gage Krolikowski
Hank Lancaster
Brysen Limbach
Ashton Lurz
Lee Major
Logan Mayhew
Morgan McGinley
Logan Muirhead
Ryan O’Kief
Tobin Olson
Chase Olson
Justice Osborne
Jonah Perrett
Blaine Sage
Gavin Sandoz
Sage Schrunk
Kenny Shelbourn
Cole Simon
Chris Williams
Payton Witte
Logan Witte

The following received a letter for Football Student Manager: Katherine Petersen, Kylee Simon, Sean Springer, & Kylie Stock.

The following special awards were given out for football:
Offensive Player of the Year: Gage Krolikowski and Morgan McGinley
Defensive Player of the Year: Chase Olson
Team MVP: Jon Keller
Special Teams Player of the Year: Gage Krolikowski
Scout Team Offensive Player of the Year: Hank Lancaster and Ashton Lurz
Scout Team Defensive Player of the Year: Conner Fowler and Justice Osborne
Offensive Lineman of the Year: Grant Fischer
Defensive Lineman of the Year: Grant Fischer
Lifter of the Year Award: Logan Mayhew
Badger Award: Jon Keller
Most Improved: Geoff Fisbeck and Clay Billings

The following received a letter for Cross Country for 2019: Brayden Kieborz, Riece Rivera, Tagg Buechle, Drake Janssen, Cody Miller, Holden Mundorf, Tyson Welch, Jack Lancaster, MaKenzie Long, Grace Maunu, & Jaiden Welch.

The following received a letter for Girls Golf for 2019: Mekallyn Bancroft, Becca McGinley, Nicole Williams, Shauna Radant, & Ramsey Ravenscroft.

The following received letters for Girls Volleyball: Skyler Reagle, Allison Hitchcock, Macy Homan, Riawna Reimers, Jenna Cox, Rhea Benson, Aluxyn Hollenbeck, Shelby Grooms, Haley Hesse, Sami Phillips, Izzy Salters, & Tessa Krolikowski.
Skyler Reagle received the Most Valuable Volleyball Player award. Alyssa Schubauer received the Most Improved Volleyball player, and Allison Hitchcock received the Volleyball Hustle Award.

The following students lettered in Wrestling for the 2019-2020 school year and will receive their certificate awards:
Jayce Anderson
Gunnar Battershaw
Tagg Buechle
Conner Fowler
Steven Fullerton
Aleah Jacobs
Drake Janssen
Cameron Jordan
Grace Kelber
Tessa Krolikowski
Gage Krolikowski
Cayden Lamb
Ashton Lurz
Casey Miller
Cody Miller
Ryan O’Kief
Tobin Olson
Chase Olson
Gavin Sandoz
Sage Schrunk
Nicole Williams
Chris Williams
Tanner Yager

The following received an award from the Norfolk Daily News All Area Wrestling Team: Gage Krolikowski, Chase Olson, & Chris Williams.

The following received a letter awards for Cheerleading:
Mekallyn Bancroft
Hanna Bitner
Xandra Conroy
Faith Cox
Renee Fisbeck
Hanna Fischer
Athena Gourley
Makenzie Long
Emma Richards
Delaney Robison
Sheldyn Rodgers
Hadley Rodgers
Cate Salters
Kaylee Wenig

The following received a letter award for Dance team- Mekallyn Bancroft, Hanna Bitner, Renee Fisbeck, Makenzie Long, & Kaylee Wenig.

The following received a Varsity letter award for Girls Basketball:
Rhea Benson, Allison Hitchcock, Aluxyn Hollenbeck, Skyler Reagle, Torrie Tinant, Hanna Fischer, Haley Hesse, Michaela Keller, Samantha Phillips, Delaney Robison, & Isabelle Salters

The following received special awards for Girls Basketball: Offensive MVP- Skyler Reagle, Defensive MVP- Allison Hitchcock, Team MVP- Skyler Reagle, JV MVP- Malika Monroe & Samantha Phillips, Most Improved Player of the Year- Malika Monroe, Badger Effort Player of the Year- Allison Hitchcock, Teammate of the Year- Aluxyn Hollenbeck

The following Seniors received a letter award for the 2019-20 track and field season:
Rhea Benson
Elena Camerini
Faith Cox
Allison Hitchcock
Brayden Kieborz
Katherine Petersen
Skyler Reagle
Riawna Reimers
Kateyln Seipel
Shane Urbin

Underclassmen that were out for Track and were not able to compete for the 2019-20 school year due to COVID 19 will receive a letter for 2 years of track if they go out for track for the 2020-2021 school year.

Allison Hitchcock received the Badger Booster Female Athlete of the Year Award and Gage Krolikowski received the Badger Booster Male Athlete of the Year Award.

Twelve Sport Athlete Awards went to Rhea Benson, Skyler Reagle, Allison Hitchcock, Grant Fischer, & Jon Keller.

The following students received a letter award for Varsity Boys Golf: Logan Cate, Grant Fischer, Dillion Muirhead, & Ryan O’Kief

Congratulations to these outstanding student athletes!