LINCOLN- COVID-19 has changed things up a bit for Nebraskans. In-person voter registration is no exception. Nebraskans who want to register to vote in person still can do so until the May 1 deadline.

A voter registration form can be printed, filled out, signed and dropped in a county ballot drop box by May 1 at 6:00 pm.  Voter boxes are located in front of county buildings across Nebraska for early ballot returns. Those who wish to register to vote are able to use the same box to drop off their signed registration form found online at

There is also an area set up in the vestibule of the Cherry County Courthouse where voters can fill out the registration forms and return them to the drop box outside.

Other May 1 deadlines include receipt of early ballot request forms.  The deadline to request an early ballot is May 1 at 6:00 p.m. Early ballot requests received after that date and time will not be processed.

Voters have until May 12 when the polls close to return their completed ballot. Voters can return their ballot by mail, drop it off in the secure voter box located outside their county building, or give it to a trusted friend or family member to put in the mail or drop off.

Secretary of State Bob Evnen emphasized, “Do not give your ballot to a stranger. Mail or deliver it yourself, or give it to someone who you know and trust to mail or deliver it for you.”

Nebraskans have begun to return their completed ballots. Thus far, 162,000 completed ballots have been returned of the 450,000 ballot sent out. “At least 82% of likely primary voters who usually vote at the polling site have requested an early ballot in this primary election,” stated Evnen. “Nebraska may be on a trajectory to setting a new record for ballots cast in Nebraska’s 2020 primary election.”

For more information regarding NE voting, visit the Secretary of State website at  & here: (to check the status of their ballot, sent date, received/accepted, etc.).

Cherry County website:

A reminder, there will be no voting at the fairgrounds for Valentine voters.  Ballots must be returned to the courthouse by 8pm on May 12th. Ballots received after the close of polls will not be counted. Please call the clerk’s office at 402-376-2771 with any questions.