North Central District Health Department (NCDHD) with assistance from the Nebraska National Guard conducted COVID-19 sample testing in O’Neill and Bloomfield for the NCDHD district on Friday, April 17th. Because of all the hard work and diligence our community members are exercising with social distancing practices and following the Directed Health Measures, we are pleased to report zero confirmed COVID-19 results from the testing event.

NCDHD would like to pass along that we are seeing an uptick in positive cases in neighboring district communities in areas such as Norfolk, Dakota City, and Grand Island. Thus, NCDHD is encouraging our district community members to continue to practice social distancing, follow the directed health measures, shop local, wear face coverings in public, remain with your nuclear family.

NCDHD would like to stress that the testing that was completed during the event was a snapshot sample. This doesn’t mean that community members did not already have COVID-19.  Further, these patrons could get COVID-19 in the future. NCDHD would also like to remind district residents that we are in day 11 of 21 for the 6 Rules to Follow to Keep Nebraska Healthy issued by Gov. Ricketts. Every day our community members follow these guides helps flatten the curve.

  1. Stay home. No non-essential errands and no social gatherings. Respect the ten-person limit.

  2. Socially distance your work. Work from home or use the six-foot rule as much as possible in the workplace.

  3. Shop alone and only shop once a week. Do not take family with you.

  4. Help kids follow social distancing. Play at home. No group sports. And no playgrounds.

  5. Help seniors stay at home by shopping for them. Do not visit long-term care facilities.

  6. Exercise daily at home or with an appropriately socially-distanced activity.