RN Shirley Knudson and Dr. Michelle Mulligan Witt from the Cherry County Hospital were guests on the KVSH Comment Program Friday morning to update listeners about the COVID 19 Pandemic. The hospital is still in full operation for normal medical episodes such as births and emergency care. They do request to limit visitation and visitors will be screened and have their temperature taken before being admitted to the facilities.

Both medical clinics are still seeing patients as well.  Call before you show up at your medical provider office or hospital for treatments.

At this time there have been 22 COVID 19 tests administered in Cherry County, 15 have come back negative, 7 are still pending.  The test results processing time has decreased from almost one week to an average of 2 to 3 days.  Test kits are available locally for higher risk patients, but kits must be sent to a different facility for processing.

A couple notes of awareness, cloth masks have been shown to only be 3% effective in preventing the spread of the virus and should not be depended on.  Continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands often and monitor your temperature. Drinking warm liquids versus cold beverages does not prevent the virus either.