Representatives of Cherry County Hospital were on the KVSH Comment program Friday morning to talk about measures to combat the spread of the corona virus.  As a precautionary measure, beginning Friday afternoon, the Cherry County Hospital will be locked down to non essential visitors. Access to the hospital will be through the emergency room entrance and patients will be buzzed in and screened. Anyone who has a fever, cough and breathing problems should call their health care provider before showing up for treatment.

Citizens are encouraged to avoid large crowds, cover your cough and wash your hands often with soap and water to help prevent contact or spreading of the virus. The public should not panic but be responsible in travel plans and social activities. There have been no confirmed cases of Covid 19 in the KVSH area.

The interview with RN’s Teresa May, Shirley Knudson and Dr. Michele Mulligan Witt along with hospital CEO Brent Peterson, will be rebroadcast Saturday morning at 9:10 on KVSH for those who missed the initial airing. For further accurate information about the Covid 19 virus, go to or  Contact the Cherry County Hospital at 402 376 2525 or your health care provider if you have questions.

A reminder that similar measures have been taken at Pineview Nursing home, Oakwood Assisted Living and Cherry Hills Assisted Living which have limited visitation to only essential staff.

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