Valentine Police Department Week in Review:

Week of January 5, 2020 through January 11, 2020

On 01/05/20 at 04:45 am, Officers received a request to respond to the 100 block of Thatcher Street for an assault in progress.  Upon arrival officers discovered one suspect fled the residence while all other suspects remained on scene. No arrests were made at that time and all victims refused medical care. This encounter was forwarded to the Cherry County Attorney for review.

On 1/5/20 at 12:50 pm, a delayed report of a sexual assault was reported.  An investigation was immediately opened and follow up interviews conducted.  All reports and information will be forwarded to the Cherry County Attorney for review.

On 1/8/20 at 04:34 am, Disturbance reported on 300 block of W 4th street.  Following an investigation, parties agreed to disagree and no action was taken.

On 1/8/20 at 06:00 am, An individual called in reporting threats of returning to residence after an active restraining order was put in place. Officers monitored the residence heavily, but resulted in absence of any individuals returning to residence.

On 1/8/20 at 14:25 pm, Officers responded to the 200 block of Highway 20 for a missing person report. Juvenile child left with biological parent and had not been seen since early morning hours. Further investigation discovered that child was with other parent and well taken care of.  No custody agreement was in place at that time, all actions taken by parent was legal.

On 1/9/20 at 02:06 pm, Domestic Disturbance call came thru on the 300 block of N Wood.  Occupants wanted each other to be removed, both parties were listed on the lease and had legal right to remain at the residence. Eventually both parties agreed to behave, officers advised to keep noise level to a minimum. Alcohol was determined to play a factor in verbal dispute, no further action taken.

On 1/109/20 at 19:00 pm,  Officers were requested to respond to business in regards to someone shoplifting.  Suspect was gone upon arrival. Store cameras captured an unknown individual in dark clothing, opening store packaging, removing the contents and placing empty box back on store shelf. Officers opened an investigation regarding incident.  All reports and information will be forwarded to the Cherry County Attorney upon identification of individual.

Officers responded to 112 call for service this week.