Those who wish to get an early jump on the 2020 primary will soon be able to request an early ballot by mail. The first day to submit applications for an early ballot at county offices is January 13, 2020. “Counties receiving early voting requests for early ballots will accumulate those request on a list,” said Secretary Evnen. “Those will be among the first ballots mailed starting April 6, 2020.”

Evnen noted that some counties also maintain a permanent early voting list, which allows counties to reach out to voters who have indicated an ongoing preference to vote by mail. Each voter on the list will receive a postcard, which the voter can return indicating the he or she would like to receive a ballot by mail.

Only in precincts designated as all-mail will voters automatically receive a ballot by mail for the primary election.  To date, there are 145 precincts in 17 counties. By law, all-mail precincts are located in counties that have a population of less than 10,000, for which the county clerk has made a request that has been approved by the Secretary of State.

For question or additional information call the Secretary of State Elections Division at 402-471-4127 or visit the website