The following is a list of church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Please feel free to call or Email Us if you have an addition to this list.

Valentine Christmas Eve Church Services 2019 (times are Central unless otherwise noted):

4:00 pm: St. John’s Episcopal Church
5:00 pm: Berean Bible Chirch
5:00 pm and 11:00 pm: United Methodist
6:00 pm: FreshFire
6:00 pm: Grace Lutheran
6:30 pm: First Baptist
7:00 pm: Our Savior Lutheran
7:00 pm: Presbyterian
7:00 pm: Zion Lutheran

Regional Christmas Eve Church Services
3:00 pm (MT): Cody Hunts Methodist
3:00 pm (MT): Grace Lutheran, Merriman
5:00 pm (MT): Eli Church
5:00 pm: Wood Lake Union Church
5:00 pm: Sandhills Church of Hope Cutcomb
6:00 pm: Elsmere Bible (NE of Purdum)
7:00 pm (MT): Sandhills Church of Hope Cody
7:00 pm (MT): Saint Mary’s Catholic Church of Nenzel
7:00 pm: Lakeview Christian Reformed

Christmas Day Church Services
9:00 am – Saint Nicholas Catholic
10:00 am – Grace Lutheran
10:00 am – Zion Lutheran