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Borders Without Boundaries

Borders Without Boundaries needs your help with donations of food. Purina is the preferred puppy chow. Please drop off at 421 East 3rd Street. Monetary donations are also gladly accepted. Thank you for your help!

Borders Without Boundaries works with the local Valentine Police Dept. regarding the complete vet care and placement of the dogs which are taken to the local City Pound, as well as taking in and helping other dogs in need. Our goal is to find the best home for these deserving canines.

BWBR is a Nebraska incorporated, 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization. They are an ALL Volunteer Rescue and rely solely on the kindness of donations in order to continue providing a positive community service.

Pet Shop - Outdated

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 female kittens, about 4 months old, litter box trained, indoor/outdoor, very friendly. Call 402-376-4379. 11/13

LOST: In Crookstoon. A yellow and white cat. Call 402-425-3287. 11/1

LOST: 10 mi. S. on Hwy 97. A male tri colored corgi. Call 402-376-4915. 10/23

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 male cats, 1 year old, indoor/outdoor cats. Call 402-925-8017. 10/21

LOST: A male black cat with white on belly. wearing a flea collar. Call 402-322-1415. 10/22

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 female kittens, 3 months old light orange color. Call 402-376-4379. 10/18

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 kittens, calico around 6-7 weeks old. Call 402-322-9710. 10/15

Misplaced Nigerian goat, peaches and cream color, 42 lbs. Call 720-892-8882. 10/11

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens. All colors, male and female. Ready to go. Call 402-376-5248. 10/4

LOST: A male English Pointer on Littleburg Rd, has a tatoo in his right ear. Call the number on the collar or Butler Vet Clinic. 10/1

LOST: A 1 year old neutered male Tuxedo cat. Lost from the west side of Valentine over 2 weeks ago. Call 402-322-1514. 10/1

FOUND: 1/2 mile east on Hwy. 12. A female dog, black with white on chest, wearing a collar with no tags, no micro chip. Contact Borders Without Boundaries Rescue. 402-376-1791. 9/24

TO GIVE AWAY: A black kitten. Call 928-610-1556. 9/15

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 two month old grey tiger striped kittens- 1 male 2 female, eating on their own and litter box trained. Call 402-322-0226. 9/4

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens of various ages and colors. Call 605-378-2499. 9/4

FOUND: In the Lakeview area. An 8 week old blue heeler mix puppy wearing a blue collar. Call 605-429-3286 or 402-376-5586. 8/21

LOST: 20 mi south of Valentine on the North side of the Refuge. A female Brittany Spaniel, red and white with a green collar and tags. Call 402-376-4079. 8/20

TO GIVE AWAY: Ranch outdoor cats. Call 402-425-3213. 8/17

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens of all colors and ages. Call 605-378-2499. 8/16

FOUND: On the corner of Hall & 3rd St. A 2 month old black and white kitten. Call 605-496-6417. 8/2

TO GIVE AWAY: A male orange kitten. Call 402-322-3550. 8/2

LOST: Missing since 7/19 a male long haired, orange & white cat from the 200 block of Ray St., no collar or tags. Call 402-389-2201. 7/21

FOUND: A German Shepherd, no collar or tags. Call 402-322-1402. 7/18

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 kittens, 2 1/2 months old. Call 605-378-3891. 7/9

FOUND: Near the courthouse. A little dark brown dog with a purple collar and blue rabies tag. Call 402-376-5829. 7/1

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 kittens- 1 male, yellow and 1 female, black and orange, 10 weeks old, housebroken. Call 605-378-3891. 6/29

TO GIVE AWAY: 5 kittens, 7 weeks old eating solid food. Call 402-376-4477. 6/14

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 month old Border Collie/Blue Heeler/Kelpie/English Collie pup. Up to date on shots and flea and tick treatment. Call 402-966-2169. 6/14

TO GIVE AWAY: Baby kittens, yellow, white, black and mixed colors. Call 402-376-5248. 5/24

FOUND: A female long haired, red cattle dog. Call 402-376-1500. 5/16

FOUND: In Kilgore, 2 male Labs. Call 402-966-3731. 5/15

TO GIVE AWAY: A black and white kitten. Call 402-376-8091. 5/13

LOST: On Hwy 61 between Merriman and Hyannis. A female Australian Shepherd mix. long brown and black hair. Call 308-207-2321. 4/27

LOST: From the 600 block of Valentine St. A female Gray/Brown Tabby cat wearing a pink collar. Call 402-389-1329. 4/12

MISSING: From 2 miles south of St. Francis, SD. a 1 1/2 year old female St. Bernard. Not wearing a collar. Name is Louise. Call 605-319-9773 or 605 828-1339.  Missing since 3/29. 4/6

MISSING: A 5 month old Golden Retriever wearing a camoflage collar. Call 402-322-0064. 3/18

IMPOUNDED: A well-nourished, female corgi/border collie mix. No collar or tags. Call 402-376-3055. 2/27

FOUND: A male Kelpie/Hanging Tree cross with bobbed tail at Cherry County Impl. Call 402-823-4010 or 402-322-0112. 2/26

FOUND: A male Golden Retriever wearing a collar. Call 308-215-8164. 2/26

FOUND: younger black & white spotted cat at 3rd & Cherry Street. Contact (402) 376-1845

FOUND: Outside of Valentine. A female Manx kitten. Black and white about 3 months old. Call 402-376-1500. 2/1

MISSING: A female black Lab mix with white on chest, named “Dizzy”. No collar or tags. Reward offered. Call 402-322-3032. 1/8

FOUND: On Vivian St. A black & white 6 month old kitten with a red collar. Call 402-389-1210. 1/12

LOST: In Crookston, a female black dachshund. Call 402-425-3287. 1/8

Seen hanging around by Valentine Feed, an older black/white border collie. 1/10

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens. Call 402-425-3287. 12/14

FOUND: At 3rd and Macomb. An 8 week old calico female kitten with white socks and chest. Call 402-376-2576. 12/3

FOUND: Balck and white kitten at the Recycle center. Call 402-376-4660. 12/2

MISSING: From 300 block of Cherry St. A black and white tom cat “Bingo”. Call 402-376-2957. 12/1

MISSING: From 6 mi north of Norden since 11/17. a Sheltie dog wearing a collar and tag. Call 320-380-3812. 11/20

FOUND: By Zion Lutheran School. A puppy. Call 402-376-2273. 11/8

MISSING: From north of Mullen. 2 black, male coyote hounds, one is wearing a collar. Call 308-546-2635. 11/6

TO GIVE AWAY: 7 year old registered male Border Collie. Good with children, cattle, good watch dog. Call 308-748-2241. 11/7

TO GIVE AWAY: A cat. Call 402-425-3287. 11/1

TO GIVE AWAY: A 9 month old Border Collie/Bluetick hound cross puppy. Very friendly, great with people and other pets. Call 308-880-0598. 10/16

LOST: From the Ash Street Area, a female black kitten. No collar. Call 402-425-3287. 10/4

IMPOUNDED: By Dollar General a yellow Lab wearing a red collar. Call 402-376-3055. 10/3

MISSING: A male Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix. Lost in the Pine Heights area. Call or text 402-750-3495.  9/9

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 male and 3 female rabbits, a couple of months old. Call 605-429-3338. 8/26

FOUND: Hanging around in the the alley at 204 N. Hall St. a gray cat with 4 white feet and a pink collar with a bell. 8/28

IMPOUNDED: 2 medium sized dogs, reddish brown, short hair with black collars and no tags, one is limping and one has a blind eye. Call 402-376-3055. 8/15

TO GIVE AWAY: Barn Kittens. Call 402-376-4002. 8/4

LOST: A male Siamese cat wearing a blue collar and green leash. Call 402-322-0991. 7/30

IMPOUNDED: A yellow lab with a green collar, no tags. Call 402-376-3055. 7/26

LOST: West of Crookston/German Settlement area. A 4 yr old Australian Shepherd, brown with little white spots on chest, paws and a white tipped tail. Call 402-322-0497.  7/23

TO GIVE AWAY: 6 black kittens, 6 weeks old. 308 Valentine St. 7/13

FOUND: On 2nd and Hall St. a gray and white female kitten wearing a pink collar with a bell on it. Call 402-376-1500. 7/13

MISSING: From Donaher St. Since July 3. A Maine Coon cat, gray and white (long haired but shaved), named “Mouse”. Call 402-322-1645. 7/11

FOUND: By the Casino. A black female poodle puppy, 4-5 mo old with a white spot on chest. Call 402-376-1500. 7/10

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 kittens litter box trained. Call 402-322-9400. 6/27

TO GIVE AWAY: 4 kittens- 3 yellow and 1 gray and white. Call 605-378-2499. 6/23

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