The Cherry County Planning and Zoning Board met for a regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon at the Cherry County Courthouse. One of the main topics of discussion was expected to be a report on the effects of commercial wind farms on nearby property values. A request last spring from the county commissioners had asked for the report. According to the appraisal firm “the data proved that there is NO actual influence or altering of land values either on or adjacent to the turbine wind farms in the study”. At least some of the planning commission members felt that report was not as in depth as they expected, and it should have been more comprehensive. At the summary, the appraisal firm researched approximately 5 real estate transactions in Nebraska Counties with wind farms, and there did not seem to be an impact on adjacent lands.

The board referred to a previous 2013 national report, conducted by Berkeley National Laboratory, studying over 50,000 real estate transactions in nine states, the conclusion was that there was no impact on property values.

Another topic discussed briefly at yesterday’s meeting was the fact that Cherry County has no regulations in place concerning commercial solar energy production. This is something that the board has been aware of, but have not had time to work on.

The next planning commission meeting was set for October 3rd.