On a hot July day, North Central Nebraska RC&D Council held the Electronic Waste Collections in Springview, Bassett and Valentine.
On Friday, July 14. Springview collected 1,560 pounds, Bassett had 3,380 pounds dropped off and the day wrapped up with 100+ degree temperatures in Valentine with 8,370 pounds of electronic waste. This translates to 13,310 pounds of electronic waste being recycled instead of going into landfills. These collections along with the April collection in O’Neill means 28,350 lbs of electronic waste will be recycled to date through the North Central Ne RC&D Counsel’s focused effort.
Reports Mike Burge, Council President, “We decided to put our focus on recycling and reusing efforts and these are just our first steps. We are pleased with the efforts so far and are already working on future projects. We hope to offer collections like this for a variety of recycling items on a regular basis but are still working on details.”
We also have a directory for the 6 counties we serve- Brown, Boyd, Cherry, Holt, Keya Paha and Rock. This directory tells where you can take items to be reused or recycled. You can get the directory through www.nercd@org or check with your local county or city office, Chamber office or NRD.
Mike also commented that these events could not happen if not for the efforts of volunteers in each community. “A huge thank you to them. With special thanks to Lynn Sobotka in O’Neill, Bill Barnes in Springview and Sally Davis-Jackson in Bassett. They coordinated everything including getting the word out, recruiting help and helping during the collection time. They also answered a lot of questions.”
Neil Westcott, NK Waste and Recycling handled the trucking Friday, at the collections sites and will be transporting the load to Grand Island. If you forgot to go or found more items, you can take them to NK Waste & Recycling in Valentine as Neil is not taking the load immediately. If you have a small amount, just leave inside the recycling building. If you have a lot, call Neil @ 402-376-4660 to make arrangements.
The electronics collected will all go to E-Stroyed in Grand Island to be processed. If you have items between local collections, you can drop them off in Grand Island.