The Rosebud Rural Water System (RRWS) is issuing a Temporary Water Use Restriction for the following communities: Rosebud, Solider Creek, Parmelee, Upper Cut Meat, He Dog, New and Old Ring Thunder, Antelope, White Horse and Okreek. Customers living in these communities are encouraged to use water sparingly until further notice. The water system has been under sever stress recently with high customer demand and usage. The ability to produce water is limited, and RRWS is having problems keeping up with customer water demands.

Here are a few conservation techniques:

Do not let your children play with outside water hoses. Unauthorized use of fire hydrants is strictly prohibited. Swimming pools should be cleaned by skimming and filtering rather than emptying and refilling daily. Reduce the amount of clothing washed daily. Wash small loads daily and over time. Customers are asked to take short showers versus baths during the restriction. Do not water lawns during peak hours of the day when it is hottest. Ranchers are asked to check their water tank systems for leaks or faulty floats which cause water loss. Repair tank systems immediately. Be responsible.

RRWS is asking its customer to use these water conservation practices until the restriction is lifted. Customers are asked to call the water department to report any leaks or abuse of water supplies at 605-747-2378 or the RRWS Manager at 605-828-2432.