The Sandhills Area Foundation awarded $65,000 in scholarship monies to area students at a cake reception on July 10.  The event was held at the Second Wind, and recognized 40 area students.

High School Students who were awarded scholarships were Cade Adamson, Riley Beel (Brian Keech Memorial Scholarship), Newt Bussinger, Cade Cody (Paul Bass Memorial Scholarship), Rebecca Higgins, Katelynn Jackson, Logan O’Kief, Jaylynn Ravenscroft, Britley Schlueter, Sarah Shelbourn, and Amos Utecht.

College Students receiving scholarships were Taryn Adams, Mason Beel, Gillian Cheney, Quin Conner, Savannah Dean, Bailey Dexter, Kelsey Higgins, Michaela Jackson, Savannah Jackson, Kyle Johnson, Hannah Jones, Chloe Jones, Shayne Kramer, Sophie Lopez, Justin Lurz, Nicole Lurz, Natalie Lurz, Sara Marlatt, Macey Mathis, Jacy Miller, Kelsey Phillips, Megan Roberts, and Rebekah Wade.

Non-traditional students Carolyn Petersen, Jennifer Reece, and Sarah Simmons were also awarded scholarships.

3 Chet Van Winkle Memorial Scholarships were also awarded to Lyle Cate III, Miles McCormick, and Owen Hanson.

The Ted Weldon Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Logan O’Kief.

The Ron Billings Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Amos Utecht.

Mary Young handed out the Sandhills Area Foundation scholarship checks as she has done since 1999 when there were only three recipients.  If you are interested in donating to the Sandhills Area Foundation, you can contact any of the Directors, Duane Kime, Steve Brown, Dave Major, Mary Young, Marian Davenport, Chris Douglas, Ralph Eatinger, Sheila Wheeler, Monty Neiffer, Katie O’Kief, or Mark Johnson.