More than 200 area high school seniors will be wearing a special accessory when they walk at their commencement events this spring.

Every high school graduate who has successfully completed 12 or more credit hours through Mid-Plains Community College will receive a blue and gold honor cord as well as a personalized certificate. This year, that amounts to a total of 227 students at schools throughout MPCC’s 18-county service area.

“It’s the first time MPCC has ever done anything like this,” said Becky Barner, MPCC area career coach. “The goal is to recognize the students for taking the initiative to earn college credit while still in high school.”

“The cords have gotten a lot of attention so far,” said Kaci Johnson, MPCC Broken Bow Campus coordinator. “They are proving to be a great recruitment tool. At Broken Bow High School’s recent FBLA job fair, I used them to decorate MPCC’s table and had about 25 high school students come up to me to ask how they could get one. Students as young as sophomores are already making plans to earn 12 or more credit hours.”

She said many of the students she met earned more than the 12 credit hours required to receive a cord.

The following list shows the many seniors from the KVSH listening- area high schools that earned honor cords this year.


Cade Jack Cody Cody-Kilgore Unified Schools
Robert Connor Goodwin Cody-Kilgore Unified Schools
Sydney Dee Adamson Cody-Kilgore Unified Schools


Daniel Steven Young Mullen High School
Darren Dean Leibhart Mullen High School


Shaylee Sue Scranton Thedford High School
Kyra Rose Miles Thedford High School
Sidney Elizabeth Lange Thedford High School
Rebecca L Higgins Thedford High School
Clancy Delaney Louisa Hesseltine Thedford High School
Jacey Nutter Thedford High School
Tristan Jean Haake Thedford High School



Jacob Thomas Flannery Valentine High School
Amos Lee Utecht Valentine High School
Newt Riley Bussinger Valentine High School
Riley Kate Beel Valentine High School
Katelynn Maneen Jackson Valentine High School
Sarah Carlene Shelbourn Valentine High School
Will David Minford Major Valentine High School
Kieron M Wenig Valentine High School


More information about MPCC’s dual credit program, which allows high school students to get a jumpstart on their college education, is available online at

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