The new Frederick Peak Golf Club will open for the first time this Saturday, May 6th at 9AM. After colder weather forced a delay in last week’s opening, the development board thought it was important to get the course open to the members and public who have been patiently waiting. The clubhouse will not be open yet and the course will operate out of a temporary facility until the clubhouse reaches a point where they can utilize that part of the new 10 hole course.
At this time there are 77 members representing over 130 individuals and families. Memberships are available at city hall or they can be purchased at the golf course.
A reminder that the course and clubhouse are still a work in progress and there will be areas that need more time to grow or more work to be done. The clubhouse is sheet rocked but still needs tape and textured, painted, HVAC installed and electrical completed among several other items. Phones lines and online reservation system are still being completed.