Leo Brinda Unit 90 of the American Legion Auxiliary is proud to announce the local winners of the annual Poppy Poster Contest.

Information was sent to five local schools, and 165 posters were entered from three of those schools. This year entries from grades three through eight have been selected to compete on the state level. Four posters were forwarded to the state judges on Saturday. State winners will be announced at the Department of Nebraska American Legion convention to be held in Columbus at the end of June.

Local judges were combat Veterans of the Vietnam War, and it was noted that the posters from the eighth grade were of exceptional quality.

Those posters going to state competition were made by: Rylee Ward for Class I, Alivia Patterson for Class II, Kaitlyn Steele for Class III and Hanna Fischer for Class IV.

Copies of the state bound posters, and all other posters will be displayed at the 1884 Day Breakfast on Saturday April 29 at the Veteran’s Club on Main Street. All winning posters will be featured on the north wall, and the coloring sheets from first grade will be on the west wall. Sponsors of the breakfast are Squadron 90 of the Sons, and Post 90 of the American Legion. It means the world to Veterans in attendance each year to see the work of these local students.

Full Contest Results:
Poppy Coloring Sheet Contest Winners 2017
1st Jaycee
2nd Danika
2nd Westin
2nd Brenden
3rd Montana
3rd Mali
1st Leah
1st Daniel
2nd Evelyn
2nd Owen
3rd Camilla
3rd Lily
1st Addison
1st Austin
2nd Brooklyn
2nd Boone
3rd Lilly
3rd Haddison
1st Roman Dillion
2nd Evie Rolfe
3rd Sari Critchfield
1st Sutton Schrunk
2nd Madison Pitts
3rd Grace Murphy
1st Rylee Ward
2nd Isaac Cronin
3rd Kate Johnson
1st Laramie Elliott
2nd Cooper Jordan
3rd Olena Felton
1st MaryBelle Ward
2nd Courtney Billings
3rd Brayden Ward
Fourth Grade Zion
1st Jennalee Garwood
1st Makenzie Ward
2nd Caitlynn Mack
3rd Jasmine Thunderhawk
1st Alivia Patterson
2nd Kaylee Hanson
3rd Zoe O’Keefe
1st Jessa Klabenes
2nd Sadie Johnson
3rd Avery Lambert
Sixth Grade VMS
1st Kaitlyn Steele
1st Logan Mayhew
2nd Mariah Welliver
3rd Jackson Ravenscroft
Seventh Grade VMS
1st Kenneth
2nd Tobin
3rd Tagg
Eighth Grade VMS
1st Shauna Radant
1st Hanna Fischer
2nd Fletcher Larson
2nd Michaela Keller
3rd Calvin Stoeger
3rd Xandra Conroy
HM Hadley Rodgers