Monday, April 21, 2014
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FOUND: A loose dog, big yellow with broken rope by Valentine Feed. 4/14

FOUND: 3 mi. S of Cody, a big, fluffy, friendly white male, pyrenees looking dog. Call 402-823-4189. 4/7

IMPOUNDED: 2 little border collie pups from the 200 block of N. Cherry. Call 402-376-3055. 4/7

TO GIVE AWAY: Outside cats. Call 402-376-1688. 3/19

TO GIVE AWAY: A 5 month old Border Collie/ Pyrenees female pup. Mom is a working cow dog. Call 402-322-1698. 2/19

TO GIVE AWAY: An adult female, grey cat, housebroken. Call 402-389-7009. 2/6

FOUND: 2 cats. One gray, 6-8 mo. old, young and playful, and one gray, about 2 year old female. Call 402-389-7009. 2/09

FOUND BY CROOKSTON: A male, black & white Border Collie/ Corgi mix. Call 402-376-1500. 1/27

LOST BY IGA: A smaller, male, neutered black cat with a little white on chest and stomach. 7-8 months old. Call 541-414-5538. 1/20

WANTED: A younger cat for a companion cat. Call 541-414-5538. 1/20

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 female Golden Retriever/ Border Collie puppies. Born October 30th. Will be medium sized dogs. Call 402-376-2821. 01/8

TO GIVE AWAY: A female yellow lab mix puppy, 4-5 months old, sweet and friendly, needs a country home or fenced yard. Call 402-322-3120. 1/8

FOUND NEAR ALCO: A Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd puppy, mostly black. Call 402-389-0605. 12/30

MISSING FROM ELEANORA DR: An older, short wide, female black daschund that is mostly blind and deaf. Call 402-326-2311. 12/30

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 Siamese kittens, about 3 months old and their mother. More of outside cats than inside. Call 402-376-8093. 12/28

FOUND: On the back roads by Hwy 97, a white terrier mix with brown spots, neutered. No collar or tags. Call 402-322-0508. 12/21
FOUND: A young, all gray cat on 7th & Candice st. Call 402-376-1778. 12/19

TO GIVE AWAY: A female gray cat , about 2 years old, up to date on shots. Call 402-322-1769. 12/18

STILL MISSING: From Macomb St. A white & tan female Shih Tzu wearing a brown leather collar, very timid. Call 402-376-2717. 12/7

FOUND: A male light gray cat with white on face and paws. About a year old. Hidden Timber area. Call 605-378-3335. 12/6

TO GIVE AWAY: Siamese cats. Call 402-947-1272. 12/5

LOST: Since August in Crookston, a black, female 1 yr old cat named Smokey. Has white patch on belly. Call 605-856-2975.

FOUND: In Nenzel. A Tan & white female Shih Tzu with a green collar. Call 402-823-4256. 11/27

LOST: On Macomb St. A white, female Shih Tzu named Mandi. Call 402-376-2717. 11/25

FOUND: A charcoal gray female Schnauzer on W. Hwy 20. Call 402-376-1791. 11/16

FOUND: A Pit Bull mix, neutered male with a red collar. Call 402-389-0662. 11/16

TO GIVE AWAY: 1 year old pup, Border Collie/Razorback cross, hunting type dog. Good with kids. Call 605-429-3340. 11/14
TO GIVE AWAY: A male Heeler/Australian Shepherd cross dog. Very friendly and good with children, would make a great pet. Call 402-389-0385. 11/12

FOUND: A black dog with a white stripe. Call 402-376-2273. 11/12

LOST: In the Valentine City Park by the spillway, a medium size female, brown calico cat. Very shy. If seen or caught call 605-747-2206 or 605-828-0271. 11/8

TO GIVE AWAY: 6-8 week old black/white male kitten. Needs a good home. Has had 1st shots. Call 402-942-3163. 11/6
MISSING: Since 10/25. A long haired, male black cat, from the 400 block of W. 3rd St. Call 402-376-1172. 10/28

FOUND: On Candice St.  A large white rabbit with pink eyes. Call 402-322-0588 or 402-322-0575. 10/20

FOUND: A 3-4 month old female black kitten. Call 402-376-3395. 10/13

TO GIVE AWAY: 4 month old yellow lab female. Full blooded, no papers. Up to date on shots. Needs lots of attention. Call 402-376-8008.  10/9

TO GIVE AWAY: A 2 1/2 month old female Border Collie cross pup. Good with kids. Call 402-322-1064. 10/1

MISSING: Last seen in Crookston. A Chihuahua with black back and tan legs and ears. $100.00 reward. Call 402-389-1800. 9/28

FOUND: At Noibrara Lodge. A female black cat with white flea collar-thin. Call 402-376-3000. 9/23

FOUND: A young female kitten, black and gold colored wearing a pink/green collar with a bell. Call 402-376-1500. 9/2

LOST:  a 5 1/2 month old female black and white celpie/heeler cross last seen about 4 1/2 miles north of town around noon on Wednesday, July 3, 2013.  No collar or tags, answers to the name "Cupcake", call 402-376-1390.  7/04







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