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TO GIVE AWAY: A very friendly little kitten. Call 402-376-2709. 11/29

MISSING: From the 400 black of W. B St. A large black male cat. Call 402-322-0176. 11/21

FOUND: In Crookston, a black lab, neutered, no collar. Call 402-376-2273. 11/18

SEEN RUNNING AROUND: 10 mi S of Merritt Dam Rd before the Brownlee turn off. A Brindle male dog. Been there for several days. 3402-376-3018. 11/20

MISSING: 6 month old long haired orange and white tabby, from the 600 block of Valentine Street. Neutered and front declawed. Very friendly. Call 402-389-1329. 11/2

FOUND:By the Elementary school. A gray tabby cat, very tame, 4-5 months old.  Call 402-322-0921. 11/1

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 female Shih Tzu mixed puppies. Call 402-425-3287. 10/25

FOUND:  2 1/2 miles SE of Wood Lake at the Burdick Ranch. A Border Collie/Heeler with black collar. Call 402-376-2400. 10/18 (Then give # to callers. 402- 376-5396).

TO GIVE AWAY: a male gray 3 month old kitten. Call 402-376-6416. 10/17

LOST: A red/white female Brittany Spaniel named Jenja.  S. on Hwy 97. Call 402 376-1281.  10/7

TO GIVE AWAY:  Barn cats. Call 402-376-5248. 10/6

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 eighteen month old, neutered male Great Pyrenese dogs. Very friendly and good with cattle, never been around sheep. Call Bobbi after 6 pm 605-685-5247. 10/4

LOST: An older female chocolate lab with a red collar  w/tags named "Emily". Call 402-389-2250. 10/3

TO GIVE AWAY: a gray 3 month old kitten. Call 402-376-6416. 9/30

FOUND: In Nenzel. A Siamese with tabby like colored tail and face, blue eyes, declawed and has a red collar with bell. Call 402-823-4242 or 402-376-1500. 9/28

FOUND: On the 100 block of Western St. A gray female kitten, 6-8 months old with a bump near the end of her tail. Call 402-322-0943. 9/26

LOST: Male Beagle. Last seen near mile marker 19 on Hwy 12 (Sparks area). Wearing a red collar, no tags, name is "Lash". Call 402-376-1380. 9/22

WANTED: Housebroken cats or kittens. 402-389-1564. 9/18

MISSING: From Crookston. A 17 year old male Minature Pinscher, no collar. Call 402-322-3244. 9/1

TO GIVE AWAY: 9 year old indoor cat, gray/white, neutered and declawed, comes with litter box and food. Good around kids but have to give away due to allergies. Call 402-322-1589. 8/31

HELP NEEDED: Borders Without Boundaries is in need of Purina Puppy Chow and newspapers for 10 puppies currently in their care. Please drop off donations at 421 E. 3rd Street. Call 402-376-1791 with questions. 8/18

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens. Call 402-376-1688. 8/22

FOUND: Pure gray kitten in the parking lot of McDonald's on Monday night, August 15th. Call 402-322-1698. 8/16

IMPOUNDED: 2 Rottweilers. 1 male and 1 female. Call 402-376-3055. 8/1

LOST: 8 year old male minature poodle wearing a purple collar. Call 402-389-1568. 7/20

LOST: Around Cherry St. A 6 year old orange and white neutered male cat. Call 402-322-9556. 7/19

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 Female Kittens, dark brown in color with white spot on chest. Located at 308 Valentine Street or you may leave your number at KVSH. 7/12

IMPOUNDED: An older black lab with a gray face wearing a choke collar. Call 402-376-3055. 7/13

FOUND: By the Frosty Drive in on July 7th. A small long haired, Pekingese type dog with a short snout. Blonde in color. Call 402-376-3055. 7/9

LOST: A Bichon Friese dog. Call 402-376-6328. 6/30

LOST: An 8 month old spayed female cat with gray and yellow stripes and a yellow triangle on her forehead. Call 402-389-1024. 6/25

TO GIVE AWAY: Baby bunnies. Blondes, brunettes and grey furred. Call 402-376-1929, leave msg if no answer. 6/29

FOUND: On Boorman Bridge Rd. A female medium sized dog, black with brown on legs and face, no collar or tags. Call 402-322-0741. 6/22

FOUND: On Main St. A small gray and cream kitten wearing a silver and orange collar with a bell. Call 402-376-5461. 6/14

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 tame, female barn cats, currently pregnant, would make great mousers. Call 605-378-0045. 6/9

TO GIVE AWAY: A 6 yr old brown male dachshund, not neutered. Call 402-322-3268. 6/8

FOUND: 36 miles S. of Nenzel. A male Border Collie/Heeler mix, black with white front legs, dragging an orange rope. Call 402-823-4010. 6/6

LOST: A male German Short-hair Pointer with a brown face with white stripe, wearing a camo collar. Call 402-376-1146. 6/2

FOUND: Near Lakeview. A male German Short-hair Pointer, no collar. Call 605-429-3238. 6/1

FOUND: On the corner of Wood & 4th St..  A male black lab pup. Call 402-322-5027. 5/28

FOUND: 28 miles N. of Mullen off Hwy 97. A young male Border Collie wearing a collar, no tags. Call 308-546-2623. 5/25

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens, ready to go. Call 402-376-5248. 5/19

FOUND: A young, not fully grown gray cat at 146 N. Thatcher St. Call 402-376-2874. 5/15

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 year old male Catahoula/Red Heeler. Call 402-376-5326. 4/5

FOUND: A white male dog with a black face wearing a blue collar. Call 402-966-2423. 3/28

MISSING: From Bassett. A part Blue Heeler- white with black spots, short hair, recently groomed and is wearing a collar. Call 402-322-1276. 3/14

LOST: North of Crookston.A small female dog, mostly black with a little white wearing a dark blue collar. "Ollie". Call 402-425-3328. Missing since 3/3. 3/7

TO GIVE AWAY: A 1 year old male German Shepherd/cow dog cross. Friendly and good with kids. Call 402-322-0623. 2/26

TO GIVE AWAY: 6 Blue Heeler mix pups- 7 weeks old, 4 males, 2 females. Also a 7 yr old part Blue Heeler. Call 402-376-1233. 2/25

LOST: From 220 W. 4th. A young male German Short hair with a stub tail. Call 402-322-1829. 2/26

FOUND: On 5th and Main. A medium size, long hair black and white male dog wearing a blue collar. Call 402-322-1626. 2/23

LOST: South of Merritt Dam. A male Blue Heeler, 10 years old, no collar. Call 402-376-1899. 1/4

MISSING: 2 Black Labs around the Bassett area. A smaller male wearing a black/white collar and a larger female wearing 2 collars- a brown leather and a gray one. Call 402-822-0066  12/21
IMPOUNDED: A younger Husky looking dog. White no collar. Call 402-376-3055. 12/22

FOUND: 2 miles East of Norden. A male Siberian Husky, red and white. Call 402-497-3194. 12/3

TO GIVE AWAY: A small calico kitten, about 8 weeks old. Needs a home with a patient older dog or cat, is playful and curious. Call 402-322-3120. 12/2

MISSING: From 6th and Valentine St area. A male chihuahua, black and tan long hair wearing a pink collar with a bell. Call 605-319-0472. 11/28

TO GIVE AWAY: 4 kittens, about 2 months old. Call 402-376-1688 11/12

FOUND: At Hometown Lumber. A black and white Border Collie wearing a red collar. Call 402-376-2390. 11/13

FOUND: A teenie weenie little orange kitten at the Sr. Center. Call 402-376-1400. 10/27

FOUND: At the bridge S. Nenzel.  A female Border Collie, about 1 yr old, no collar. Call 402-322-3163 or 402-823-4385. 10/27

LOST: From the 200 block of N. Cherry St. A male Himalayan cat. Call 402-376-1500. 10/27

IMPOUNDED:  400 N. Hall St. A black/brown male, mixed puppy. Call 402-376-3055. 10/27

TO GIVE AWAY: 10 kittens, just weaned. Call 402-376-5248. 10/26

LOST: From Ecology Park area. A 6 month old female kitten- blacik/gray tabby. Call 402-376-2482 H 402-376-1350 W. 10/21

IMPOUNDED: A Black Lab wearing a studded collar. Call 402-376-3055. 10/21

TO GIVE AWAY: A Pygmy buck goat. Call 402-322-0383. 10/14

IMPOUNDED: A male Red Heeler, blind in one eye- no collar. Call 402-376-3055. 10/2

FOUND: At Signature Quarters shop east of Valentine. A Collie cross dog. Call 402-376-4059. 10/2

TO GIVE AWAY: Barn cats, all ages. Call 402-376-4850. 9/25

LOST: Last seen by Tehrani's. A male white cat with orange on face and orange rings on tail. Reward offered. This is a companion animal and is really missed. Call 402-975-5101. 9/21

FOUND: A painted tabby female kitten, about 3 mo old, black and brown. Call 402-661-0163. 9/15

FOUND: Between Kilgore and Crookston headed west. A male Husky mix, chocolate, tan and white, no collar or tags. Call 402-376-1500. 9/12

FOUND: By Littleburg area. A very thin male dog, possibly about 1 yr. old, no collar or tags, black with 4 white feet and narrow white strip on nose and blue eyes. Looks like a McNab sheepdog breed. Call 605-378-1658. 9/9

LOST: SW of Valentine. A female English Setter, white with a black head and a little brown, "Lady" 18 mo old wearing a blue collar. Call Ben 240-388-7073. 9/2

MISSING: From Randall ranch 9 mi NW of Wood Lake. 2 German Short-hair pointer puppies, 1 male and 1 female, about 4  mo., old. Both are white with brown heads, have chain collars and are ID tattooed. Reward for their return. Call 402-394-1100. 8/31

TO GIVE AWAY: A 7 week old kitten, black with white chest. Call 402-376-6416. 8/31

TO GIVE AWAY: a 3 yr old female Blue Heeler/Border Collie, spayed, current on shots. Call 402-389-0012. 9/2

LOST: In Valentine. A  Border Collie with an orange collar. Call 402-322-3492. 8/12

MISSING: A large neutered black male cat with green eyes. Call or text 402-322-1037 8/4

LOST: From Eleanora Dr. A black 2 yr old short hair female cat. Call 402-376-3587. 7/29

TO GIVE AWAY: A  6 week old black kitten. Call 402-376-4086. 7/25

IMPOUNDED: A big brown dog, no collar. Call 402-376-3055. 7/13

FOUND: On the 200 block of Macomb. A female black kitten with a white spot on throat. Call 402-376-2180. 7/14

TO GIVE AWAY: A 5 year old, spayed female small mixed breed dog. Current on shots. great companion for adults, not good with kids. Call 402-376-5326. 7/7

IMPOUNDED: A male black lab with an orange collar. Call 402-376-3055. 7/6

TO GIVE AWAY: A spayed female Kelpie, 1 1/2 year old, current on shots. Located in White River. Call 612-910-9528. 7/1

IMPOUNDED: A white and tan boxer wearing an orange collar. Call 402-376-3055. 6/30

IMPOUNDED: A black female Pit Bull with long chain. Call 402-376-3055. 6/9

LOST: 1 mile east of Valentine- A female Yellow Lab wearing a blue collar and an orangish colored (light liver) female Brittany Spaniel. Call 402-376-3328 days or 376-8099 nights. 6/9

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens. 402-322-1698. 6/9

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 adult spayed female cats and lots of kittens. Call 402-376-6416, 555 N. Green St afternoons. 6/8

FOUND: on 3rd & Shore St. A female Boston terrier. Call 402-322-9125. 6/8

FOUND: 1.5 miles east of Valentine on Hwy 12. A black and white male kitten. Call 402-322-0893. 6/3

TO GIVE AWAY: Several kittens. Call 402-376-5248 cell or 376-1547. 6/3

TO GIVE AWAY: 6 week old kittens, all colors. Call 402-376-6416. 5/29

FOUND: South of Kilgore. A female Border Collie mix, white with black spots wearing an orange collar and flea collar. Call 402-966-3471. 5/23

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 male puppies, 7 weeks old, 1/2 German Shepherd and 1/2 Border Collie/Heeler. Call 402-322-1268. 5/19

LOST: Gray tiger striped female tabby cat with white chest wearing a red collar. Call 402-953-7996. 5/16

IMPOUNDED: An older, male, large, curly brown haired dog. Call 402-376-3055. 4/29

LOST: 8 miles East of Springview. A female Greyhound, brindle with a red collar. Call 402-322-0020. 4/28

LOST: N. of Valentine. An adult Beagle. Dog is familiar with town so could be in town. Call 402-376-6341. 4/28

FOUND: 10 miles N. of Kilgore.A male dog, white with brown spots- possibly heeler or collie mix wearing a blue collar, no tags. Call 402-389-1036. 4/28

MISSING: A smaller white female cat. Call 402-322-9069. 4/27

TO GIVE AWAY: 4 kittens. Call 605-377-5691. 4/21

TO GIVE AWAY: 1 female, 2 yr. old lab/pit bull mix. Also 15 cats- males and females, all are neutered or spayed. Call 402-322-7010. 4/21

MISSING: From west of Valentine. 2 dogs- A blue heeler, blind in left eye and a young Border Collie cross. No collars. Call 605-209-6709. 3/23

FOUND: at Valentine Feed- A German Shepherd with a hurt paw and a little red Pomeranian looking type. 3/19

IMPOUNDED: On Government St by the Lutheran School. A female mixed breed, black ad white dog wearing a thin blue collar. Call 402-376-3055. 3/16

MISSING: From 100 block Thatcher St, a 6-9 month old long hair. female kitten, black & tan tortoise shell color. Call 402-322-9940. 3/11

MISSING: A black and white Shih Tzu, very small, around the Post Office. Call 402-322-1361. 3/7

IMPOUNDED: A small, white/tan Shih Tzu type dog, wearing a dark collar with paw prints on it, no tags. Call 402-376-3055. 3/5

FOUND: By the Super 8, a long haired black cat wearing a red collar, very tame and friendly. Call 402-376-5089. 2/16

FOUND: Around the 600 block of Ray St. An older male dachshund, black & brown. Call 402-376-1500. 1/30

TO GIVE AWAY: Adult female cat, grey/white striped. Litter box trained. Call 402-398-9909. 1/28

TO GIVE AWAY: A black kitten with white on neck. Call 402-376-1532. 1/26

FOUND: On Hwy 12, a female Border Collie w/ blue collar-no tags. Call 402-322-0012. 1/24

TO GIVE AWAY: 4 kittens, 3 mos. old. Call 00402-967-3034. 1/2






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