Pet Shop - October 17

Pet Shop

LOST: 35 miles south of Valentine. A male black lab wearing a bright orange collar jumped from a pickup. “Taz”. Call 605-682-1624. 10/16

TO GIVE AWAY: A 9 month old Border Collie/Bluetick hound cross puppy. Very friendly, great with people and other pets. Call 308-880-0598. 10/16

Borders Without Boundaries

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Pet Shop - Outdated

LOST: From the Ash Street Area, a female black kitten. No collar. Call 402-425-3287. 10/4

IMPOUNDED: By Dollar General a yellow Lab wearing a red collar. Call 402-376-3055. 10/3

MISSING: A male Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix. Lost in the Pine Heights area. Call or text 402-750-3495.  9/9

TO GIVE AWAY: 2 male and 3 female rabbits, a couple of months old. Call 605-429-3338. 8/26

FOUND: Hanging around in the the alley at 204 N. Hall St. a gray cat with 4 white feet and a pink collar with a bell. 8/28

IMPOUNDED: 2 medium sized dogs, reddish brown, short hair with black collars and no tags, one is limping and one has a blind eye. Call 402-376-3055. 8/15

TO GIVE AWAY: Barn Kittens. Call 402-376-4002. 8/4

LOST: A male Siamese cat wearing a blue collar and green leash. Call 402-322-0991. 7/30

IMPOUNDED: A yellow lab with a green collar, no tags. Call 402-376-3055. 7/26

LOST: West of Crookston/German Settlement area. A 4 yr old Australian Shepherd, brown with little white spots on chest, paws and a white tipped tail. Call 402-322-0497.  7/23

TO GIVE AWAY: 6 black kittens, 6 weeks old. 308 Valentine St. 7/13

FOUND: On 2nd and Hall St. a gray and white female kitten wearing a pink collar with a bell on it. Call 402-376-1500. 7/13

MISSING: From Donaher St. Since July 3. A Maine Coon cat, gray and white (long haired but shaved), named “Mouse”. Call 402-322-1645. 7/11

FOUND: By the Casino. A black female poodle puppy, 4-5 mo old with a white spot on chest. Call 402-376-1500. 7/10

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 kittens litter box trained. Call 402-322-9400. 6/27

TO GIVE AWAY: 4 kittens- 3 yellow and 1 gray and white. Call 605-378-2499. 6/23

TO GIVE AWAY: Kittens. Will deliver to Valentine. Call 402-376-5248-or 376-1547. 6/13

TO GIVE AWAY: 5 kittens. 8 weeks old. Call or text 402-389-0208. 6/12

TO GIVE AWAY: 1 tortise shell colored mother cat and 3 female kittens, 2 black and 1 tortise shell. Call 402-376-3407. 6/9

MISSING: 20 mi. S. on Hwy 97. Male black lab mix, no collar. Friendly. Call 402-376-5141. 6/5

TO GIVE AWAY: Baby kittens, male and female. Call 402-376-5248 or 402-376-1547. 5/30

IMPOUNDED:  Found on Eleanora Dr. by the Catholic Church. A small black and white dog. Call 402-376-3055. 5/30

WANTED: A couple of female kittens, good mousers. Call 402-376-6645. 5/30

FOUND: A male yellow lab, no collar.  Call 402-322-1006. 5/24

MISSING: From the 500 block of N. Green St. A white and gray cat with bluie eyes. Call 402-376-6416. 5/3

MISSING: From 400 block of N. Wood St. A male yellow Lab. Call 402-376-5264 or 402-376-1550. 5/2

FOUND: 2 young adult female cats, 1 tortoiseshell Siamese and 1 black. Call Butler Vet: 402-376-1500. 5/2

Seen south of 16B by Rolling Stone Ranch- 2 black and white dogs running around. 4/26

MISSING: From Milo and Max’s area. A male black cat with a white left leg and a blaze on his face wearing a white flea collar, Call 402-671-1222. 4/20

FOUND: At 16B and Hwy 83. A male Red Heeler/Collie mix wearing a red collar. Call 402-376-4570. 4/17

FOUND: On the 500 block of N. Wood St. Female grey kitten, no collar. Call 402-389-1321. 4/14

FOUND: A female Border Collie/ Blue Heeler with puppies, no collar. Call 402-376-1500. 3/27

MISSING: from N. Western St in Valentine. A white Lhasa Apso dog. Call 402-760-0439. 3/7

MISSING: From the Littleburg area, an older female Australian Shepherd, red and white, no collar, long tail named Bo. Call 402-322-1109. 3/1

LOST: In Gordon on 1/11. A male German Shorthaired Pointer/Blue Heeler mix, 1 year old. May be injured from jumping out the window. Call 402-314-6337 or 402-802-5879. 1/16

LOST: On Friday, January 6th, by the Sparks area: a male yellow lab, “Jake”, and a little black and white mixed breed, “Raven”. Very friendly, no collar or tags. Call: 402-322-3089.

TO GIVE AWAY: A 1 year old cat, black and white, neutered and friendly. Call 402-322-1420.

FOUND: A male Lab type dog, dark color, no collar or tags. Call 402-376-1500.

TO GIVE AWAY: 3 young male cats, 1 orange, 1 black and 1 gray/white. Call 402-389-2601

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