2017 Chadron Tournament Results:

Team Scores
1. Campbell County 174.0
2. Valentine 156.0
3. Natrona 152.5
4. Kelly Walsh 152.0
5. Alliance 123.0
6. Spearfish 109.0

Jordan Kelber (126) and DJ Stephen (170) were individual champs, Hudson Pearman (145) placed 2nd and Noah Eklund (138), Kieron Wenig (160) and Steven Shields (220) placed 3rd. Brody Benson (120) placed 5th. Complete results are below:

106 Results
1st Place – Lane Jackson of Kelly Walsh
2nd Place – Baran Lechner of Campbell County
3rd Place – CASEY BENAVIDES of Bridgeport
4th Place – Jr Aguilar of Gering
5th Place – Devyn Mostellar of Kelly Walsh
6th Place – Jaydon Walker of Hemingford

113 Results
1st Place – Jace Palmer of Kelly Walsh
2nd Place – Max Sailor of Spearfish
3rd Place – Trevor Nelson of Crawford
4th Place – Chance Grill of Custer
5th Place – Trayton Dawson of New Castle/Upton
6th Place – Evan Steggs of Alliance

120 Results
1st Place – Caleb Nathan of Kelly Walsh
2nd Place – Alex Araujo of Bayard
3rd Place – Dylan Anderson of Natrona
4th Place – Lawrence Nadeau of Campbell County
5th Place – Brody Benson of Valentine
6th Place – Jinlee Sayaloune of Gering

126 Results
1st Place – Jordan Kelber of Valentine
2nd Place – Mitchell McKibbin of Bayard
3rd Place – Warren Carr of Campbell County
4th Place – Aaron Tovar of Gering
5th Place – Darryn Walters of Mitchell
6th Place – Tevyn Martinez of Natrona

132 Results
1st Place – Joe Ritzen of Chadron
2nd Place – Kole Kraus of Kelly Walsh
3rd Place – Blake Henry of Gordon-Rushville
4th Place – TREVOR PETERSON of Chase County
5th Place – Brayton Rude of Natrona
6th Place – Sean Mitchell of Campbell County

138 Results
1st Place – Tyler Waterson of Spearfish
2nd Place – Jorgen Johnson of Alliance
3rd Place – Noah Eklund of Valentine
4th Place – Dylon Zink of Ogallala
5th Place – Seth Cisneros of Natrona
6th Place – Paulo Benabise of Natrona

145 Results
1st Place – Trevor Jeffries of Campbell County
2nd Place – Hudson Pearman of Valentine
3rd Place – Javen Palmer of Kelly Walsh
4th Place – John Gasperetti of Natrona
5th Place – Lane Applegarth of Alliance
6th Place – CALEB WEISS of Chase County

152 Results
1st Place – Brett Brenton of Natrona
2nd Place – Wyatt Corley of New Castle/Upton
3rd Place – Brice Harkless of Hot Springs
4th Place – Joe Weibert of Bridgeport
5th Place – Zac Swanson of Chadron
6th Place – Austin Garcia of Gering

160 Results
1st Place – Danny Vallejo of Alliance
2nd Place – BRYSON FISHER of Chase County
3rd Place – Kieron Wenig of Valentine
4th Place – Forrest Lewis of Custer
5th Place – Tee Allen of Bennett County
6th Place – Wyatt Mader of Crawford

170 Results
1st Place – Donald (DJ) Stephen of Valentine
2nd Place – Trey Nachtigall of Hot Springs
3rd Place – Bryant Wilson of Alliance
4th Place – Dylan Jaure of Kelly Walsh
5th Place – Jordon Brinson of Spearfish
6th Place – Riley Mitchell of Campbell County

182 Results
1st Place – Jerrod Fedorchik of Bridgeport
2nd Place – Teigan Marchant of New Castle/Upton
3rd Place – Rhyse Wandler of Campbell County
4th Place – Tyler Byrne of Bennett County
5th Place – Garrett Heil of Hot Springs
6th Place – Blake Kainz of Custer

195 Results
1st Place – Terren Swartz of Campbell County
2nd Place – James Nelson of Bennett County
3rd Place – ZACHARY SPACE of Chase County
4th Place – Evan Hehr of Spearfish
5th Place – Wyatt Atkinson of Natrona
6th Place – Quinton Onstott of Gering

220 Results
1st Place – AARON HINOJOSA of Chase County
2nd Place – Deric Johnson of Campbell County
3rd Place – Steven Shields of Valentine
4th Place – Marc Williams of Spearfish
5th Place – Yahav Schraiber of Natrona
6th Place – Lane Lauder of Alliance

HWT Results
1st Place – Bryce Womack of New Castle/Upton
2nd Place – Cade Payne of Hemingford
3rd Place – Sosa Arneson of Hot Springs
4th Place – Dalton McInerney of Campbell County
5th Place – Nathan Lauder of Alliance
6th Place – Dante Bravo of Pine Ridge