At the recent Cherry County Commissioners meeting Tuesday January 10th, Rose Chappell with the Sandhills Rescue Ambulance Service discussed the status of their service in the Merriman area. At that meeting, it was announced that they would no longer be responding to 911 calls in their service area, which covered much of Western Cherry County.
According to Cherry County Emergency Management Director Gary Weaver, “Manpower is the issue”. With only one licensed EMT, lack of personnel was the primary reason for this decision. Anyone in the area who would be willing to take the appropriate classes and training to become an EMT is asked to contact the Cherry County Emergency Management Office at 402-376-2420 to get more information.
In the meantime, several other agencies will be responding to emergencies in the area. These would include the Hyannis Ambulance Service, Martin Hospital, Regional West Emergency Service out of Scottsbluff, and Cherry County Ambulance Service.
If you have an emergency, you can still call 911 as always and an ambulance from one of these services will be sent.